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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, this are my current RG equips I use for Shield Chain, while using Inspiration, Shield Chain and Magnum break I can reach 300-360k damage, I just wanted to know how much damage I could reach once I get a +9 Illusion Armor A type and a +9 headgear, and I also wanted to know any tips to improve the equips Headgear has a Purple Ferus Card and a Powerful Nive 1 Magical Booster has a 5% after cast delay and a Engkanto card Armor doesn't have any modules or cards Weapon has a Contaminated Wanderer and a White Knight Card Manteu has a Brown Rat Card Boots have expert archer 4 and bear's might with a Piranha Card Strong insignia has strong, dex+4 and expert archer 4 enchants. Thanks
  2. Lore is now dissolved. Thank you for the years of friendships <3 •••• Who We Are: We started out as a band of friends wanting to connect with more players, to make long lasting friendships. Today we're a thriving community that still continues that mindset of socializing and helping one another. We're also an international guild, so everyone is welcoming of different languages and backgrounds! What We Do: We're a Social/PvM guild that focuses on helping each other out with Instances, leveling, weeklies, and much more! Rules: We accept most players, we just ask that you're active on our discord server, and follow these rules: • Respect Everyone sexism/homophobia/racial slurs are not tolerated. (more rules are listed in our discord!) Guild Hangout @go 33 Guild Leader: Bulbie (Nickie#9155) Co-Leader: Xione (Gin#9876) Officers: Fall Kakey Zelda GX (Becca) Doktah (Bacon) Let us know if you have any questions! x Lore
  3. Looking for some help to improve my build! Hi Guys, i'm just getting back to the game since 1 year and a while, this is my gear set right now. HG: Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood +5 | Engkanto card | trash enchants MID: New wave sunglasses LOW: Gangster Scarf ARMOR: Illu amor type A +7 | DAS shooter shooter | Furious nine tail card WEAP: VM Bow +15 | 16% demi-human | 20% Range Physical dmg |10% earth enemis | contaminated wandy card GARMENT: Illu wing a +7 | fast crit crit | ancient wootan shooter BOOTS: Temp Dex+ 4 | EA 4 / ME | No card ACCE1: Sara's right earing | DAS 2 / DAS 3 ACCE2: Strong insignia | Rigid / EA 5 / LUK +5 I'm kinda triying to get better everyday but it's hard SS is hitting like 300k + at BIO5 with the correct element but i think isn't enough, gotta ask what should i upgrade no weapon because i been playing for a really short time so i think the weapon is the last thing ill get for now. i appreciate if someone can helpme to improve my build!!!!! Kind regards everyone and hope you guys doing well.
  4. Hello, I want to know a good build for an endgame vanishing point RG. This is my current equipment which I've been using to farm. Do you know any card or items that can make me improve?
  5. Hello everyone, I want to farm cards, cuz I'm very tired of farming trash at locations (magma/lab/geffenia). I don't want me to be tired of the game. But I really want to get good equip, I ask u, dear players, tell me which cards u know are expensive, in demand, and most importantly not difficult to farm. Thank you.
  6. Hey I'm trying to build a Ray of Genesis Royal Guard, are there any good equipments you recommend? I currently have temporal boots of int, fallen angel wings elemental sword and flattery robe, the problem is I don't know how to reduce the cast time of Ray of Genesis, I'm level 130.
  7. Hello. I played like a couple months back in 2018 with a few friends and I was sorta feeling like playing rag again. The only problem is that im actually pretty noob and without my friends I just dont know what to do. I remember the last thing I was aiming to was farming 120kk +/- to buy a +15 crimson mace. This is my set right now and my stats. I use my stats this way cause I get 193 aspd and insta cast with food + ab with me. Cards are: Headgear, midhead, both acessories, boots, and shield with Essence of Evil Dex 3 Weapon 1 white knight 1 skeleton archer Armor porcellio Garment Menblatt boots essence, ea4 and bears might Im thinking about farming something like 150~200kk to get some good item cause Im hitting right now 50k +/- with CC and I kinda just want to double that, only problem is I dont know which weapon is good now in that price range... Should I get fallen wings first ? Used to farm executoners mitten to get my kk's in cause Im very lucky with drops and they were selling like 5~10kk back in the day and now that they're 800k its pointless going there... I dont even know where to go to farm big chunks of money... Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance
  8. Hi guys, It's my first time playing as SC and I was using this guide: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Lucky's_PvM_Shadow_Chaser_Guide At " leveling 130+" part the guide tells me that at this time I must use a 3rd class skill, at wiki I saw some warlock skills that I could copy with "Reproduce" between them "Comet". I asked a friend to cast Comet and hit me and the skill was at my skills misc tab and I'm able to cast...so reproduces works here. When I cast "auto shadow spell" Comet is not available to be selected and used by auto shadow spell. So here's my question: It's possible to cast 3rd class skills with auto shadow spell? If yes, how do I do this? Cause I'm probably missing some point! Thank you very much!
  9. Hey guys I have just come back to Ro after a very long absence and I have found that so much have change that I'm completely lost. So I just made my first char and I was looking for some tips on how to start and like I said before I have no idea how to begin. My boy just reach lvl 69 Stats STR - 60 AGI - 46 VIT - 20 INT - 1 DEX - 20 LUK - 45 Gear not worth mentioning it. For skills I see some that I do not remember or plain new so some help will be very well received. So far Thief Double Ata 10 Improve Dodge 10 Steal 10 Evenom 10 Hiding 8 Detoxify 1 Assassin Right-left hand mastery 5 Cloaking 3 Enchant Poison 5 Poison React 1 (By mistake) This were I have no clue as how to should I go so I don't mess up further down the line.
  10. I'm very tired of farming these places and its bringing me down, i read about the HPB method (try to get some to +7, use enriched to risk a +9) and will definetly try that, anyone can recommend me some other RNG methods to make money? I'm feeling lost in renewal, also i read the farming guide in the wiki but IDK how up to date it is so i'm asking here to know more methods. I was thinking of farming some crimsons and trying to get +10 since i have a mechanic. Places that are worth the time to drop rare itens (cards or a specific equipment) are welcome since i prefer methods like these than farming for guaranteed money like in geffenia. Characters i have: 175 Rebellion 130 Mecha 130 GX 110 AB I don't have good gear btw since i'm kinda new and don't play too much, all i have that its worth mentioning: Rideword Loyal Incubus Thana weapons The axe boomerang mechanic set temporal luk and giant skin with trash enchants (planning to sell those since i don't want to be a crit rebellion anymore lol) +7 HPB Thanks guys...
  11. Ze Toba

    Help with gear

    Hello everyone, i'm going back to the server and i want to know what i should buy for my ranger, what should i buy first and what's the most viable end gear? my build is focussed on Arrow storm, if the meta is auto warg i would change. the only build i don't use is Trap ps: i know my gear atm it's really bad :) i forgot to metion, my end game goal is PVE, mostly MVP's
  12. I am stuck, I don't know what to do, I am in level 146 with my SC and i can't level up in gramps because i don't have a lot of damage so i am useless , i wanna know what should i do to get equip or something else , i have a gx to get equip in level 147 but i have the same problem , I don't want to level a ranger I am able to farm zeny but i want know if there is something else that i can do
  13. Hello amm, this is a doubt, how can I put my characters in the bottom of the comment that I put? (as in the image) I'm not sure what topic this is going on so it would be very helpful if someone answered me
  14. Hi! I would like help on how to gear an instance farming rebel. I want to make a rebellion account for instance farming and I would like to get gear recommendations. My current gears are: Airship Set , +4 Tempest, Rideword hat I'm thinking of turning it into a CRIT Rebel because many people said in the forums that Crit Rebel with outshine the QDS Rebel. I'm having second thoughts on turning it into Crit Rebel because: 1. There is currently no one vending Temp Luk Boots with Fatal 4 + Hawkeye. ( I don't really have that much money, I only have like 30m atm but I'm still planning to save more) 2. I only want Rebel gear for "INSTANCE FARMING", like clearing OGH First floor or other instances, not finishing them. 3. Rebel is not my main class. As said earlier, I would like gear reccomendations. That's all. Thank you!
  15. I have a semi-decently geared Ranger, Rebel, and Genetic. Also willing to play the boring support classes. Hit me up in Discord @Ihsan#7969 Preferably with memes, thank.
  16. Hello Everyone, I'm playing Nova Ro, over a ... week by now and I really enjoying this server (some things not soo much, but the good things pay for it ^_^), aaaand I never played a 3rd class soo much, or have a great knowledge of the game past 100+ because I'm more pre-renew player, but I think I'm been doing good so far (or maybe not, lol). And I'm here to ask for a few tips regarding what I should look for to end game Nova Ro, builds, equips (please, I like to have fun, and solo playing, but discovering that I might need a +20 temporal boots with the exacts enchants will break my heart /sob). Here the pic of my best equipment soo far, i have a Air Ship full combo, but using only the manteau for cast/neutral -%, and that's it, i like to do eden and gramps using Ignition Break+Bowling Bash combo and after i got this lovely Thanatos weapon i dind't strugle soo much to level up (but i still dieing quite often /sob). What should i look next to be the a good Rune Knight, maybe solo some Endless tower or Instances (i love dungeons also), Hat: Riderword (ok right ?) Middle: ______________ Lower: Umbala Spirit (I gotta buy one >.<) Armor: _______________ Weapon: Thanatos Weapon Shield: ______________ Manteau: Nid OR +7 HBP + raydric (should be my next item ?) Boots: Variant Shoes (or I should look for a specific Temporal boot ?) Accessory: ??? (I don't know how i would be this far without this two Hell poodle card, they are awesome for sustain) Any better equipment for Ignition Break solo build ? Peuz, Ur's, x set ? Any equipment get order i should go for ? (better get raydric manteau first, or umbala spirit first, etc) That's it !!! Thanks for your time
  17. I need too know the stats build, equipment, cards and skills so i can hunt some MvP please
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