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Found 20 results

  1. Hi guys, pretty new with the server myself. So I reached lv 175++ already with my main GX My equipment so far is (all safe level upgrade) Rideword hat Robo eye JDR (2 white knights) Illusion armor A (porce) Illusion wing a (wakwak) Illusion leg a Illusion booster Maelstorm pendant I found that I can solo instances like jitterbug, sarah, ghost palace, hazy forest, etc and can do half quest of ogh normal. So what to do next?? I found my gear not decent enough to participate in bio5, ogh hard, etc. Besides, I was unfortunate enough to get a party/guild to carry me through instances. Right now what I'm doing is just farming zeny with my other chara or levelling other characters if I got bored. Any suggestion to fasten up my zeny rotation or how to be a "decent" character to handle the end game content which I'm not sure how what are those. I think the decent gears are pretty expensive for me to get by afk zeny farming, I must missed something
  2. champ

    PVE Sura Build

    FOR THE BUILD AND ITEM GUIDE: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Longchamp's_PVE_Sura_Class_Guide FOR THE PvE Sura OGH GUIDE: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Lonchamp's_OGH_Sura_Guide I hope you enjoy. Feel free to ask questions regarding the guide.
  3. The Austro-Hungarian empire is looking for new members. We're a new guild and willing to accept any character whose level is 145+. Looking for any classes. Our main focus is doing instances. Mainly want people from GMT +0 to GMT +2. How to join: -First: join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ykp82k7. -Second: present yourself on Discord. -Third: contact me in game through pm, I'm Elise Doran or through Discord (Elise Doran) any time between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm (GMT +1) Monday to Thursday and 4:00 pm and 8:30 pm (GMT +1) weekends for the in game invitation. So come and show us your Austro-Hungarian proudness.
  4. Type: PvE / Casual / Social Region: North America / Europe Active Hours: 15:00 – 23:00 Server Time (PST) Guild Master: u b e Guild Slaves Officers: xKauei, bowshooter, Whisper of the Heart Guild Town: Nameless Island (@go 46) Language: English Welcome! ヾ(^∇^) We are a small group of outcasts anime lovers [Insert fangirl scream] who are new to this server, looking for people who want to learn and grow together as a guild! We strive to maintain a fun and casual environment for everyone to converse with friends and/or family! What to expect: Instances, instances, instances! Random guild events (DB/BB party, holiday events, and more!) Requirements: We are newbie friendly! Any level and any classes are welcome! English only in the guild chat: we respect the fact that members may speak other languages but we seek to foster an inclusive environment where no one will feel left out! Be polite and courteous to others, not only guild members: please be mindful that if you decide to join, you do represent our guild in everything you do. Active characters: we prefer that you join with a character that you use quite often (i.e. farming characters are welcome – it does not have to be your main. If you are just looking for a group to socialize with as you farm, you are most welcome!) Thank you for dropping by! If you are interested in joining, please feel free to pm the leader/officers or just drop by @go 30! As long as you tell someone, they will let a recruiter know and you will be contacted soon! We look forward to seeing you in game ( ̄ー ̄) b
  5. Pied Piper (banner to go here) Time Zones - International, mostly North America & Indonesia Level requirements - None! Classes wanted - Everyone is welcome! However, we really need support classes for instances! Guild focus - PVM/Social/Instances /WoE Guild Home Town - Eclage (@go 35) Guild Leaders (PM one of us for an invite!) - Maverick / Yeun / Chemist - Leader Mallinock - Co leader Discord https://discord.gg/k5hcwqK We are mostly on Discord, please join in order to communicate, and join events or if you want to join the guild. About us Pied Piper was created by Illegal Memes and to this day is a friendly / casual guild that runs PVM instances together and since evolved into a family that likes to theorycraft how to help people earn zeny efficiently in our guild because our time is valuable. We are a drama-free zone, and will not tolerate any bad apples or rude people into our family. Instances we run Wolchev, BMD, OGH, any others that may come up.
  6. I'm a sorcerer, I've done many solo content and mostly parties for OGH (Normal and Hard) . This is my first character still not full gear. I know my class well. Although I'll appreciate some help. I'm in GMT +1 time zone usually connected during weekends from 4pm to 8pm
  7. Hi Everyone! New Corgi guild here looking for casual players who wanna join us in running instances, leveling, and general PVM. Also to socialize and make new friends Active and semi-active, newbies and veterans welcome! About us: We're a group of dorks, who recently started playing RO again after 8+ years. We mostly played private servers so coming upon NovaRO is great! Anyone who wish to join us can reply here with Character's name or go to Thor and look for "DurianCake" or any Durian for an invite. Info: - We are mostly active around server time: 14:00 to 0:00 during weekdays, Mon - Fri, and active all day Sat and Sun. - We're stationed at Thor Camp. - We only speak English but anyone is welcome - We do easy instances daily and run harder instances and endless tower/cellar on the weekend. - We love Corgis!! Taxi the Fat Corgi is our mascot.
  8. Hi mates o/ Im playing Nova for 1 month or so... Right now i have my Mechanic that i use only to farm Gefenia, and one Oboro that im working for Solo Instance (Mid Tier gears). When i ask someone "How to get out of Gefenia and make more zenny", the answer is "Get into instances". But thats my question, What instances? And how? I tried some instances with a friend, and it seems to me that i just CAN`T do more than 5m/h doing things like Jitterbug, OGH, Charleston, etc... And i can do 10m/h at Gefenia. What the hell im missing? Thats all about RNG or something? I want to get out of Worker Class =(
  9. Succumb to your desire... to run instances on this video game. Emblem: Save Point: East Geffen. Come say hi! Temptation was formed with the goal of making sure no one feels excluded within their own guild. Even if people in our group were to become burned out, we want to preserve our friendships beyond RO. Our discord sees activity every day, so it can get pretty chatty. Don't worry if you feel too new or undergeared to join us, we will help you get up to speed! Temptation is an organized guild for running dungeons. Using our discord channel along with a discord chat bot, we plan events ahead of time and allow people to sign up if they're interested. Organizing made easy! Come join us for: Gramps parties! Level those alts! Instances! Quest parties! Non-RO game nights! We try to avoid small party instances that exclude guild members. We want as many guildies as we can get to come along and have a good time. Want to join? See an AFK chat with our guild name plastered on it? Drop on in and leave your name. You can also come to East Geffen and say hi. If you're feeling particularly immobile, you could also request to join through our discord by booping this button: https://discord.gg/EgPUGkp
  10. Hi yall, so I'm torn between few classes and their end game potential. I would like to be able to solo instances and kill bosses efficiently, preferably without any dual account. Right now I'm choosing from RK, RG, Warlock, Sorcerer, Sura, Shadow Chaser, Mechanic, Oboro and Summoner/Doram. My budget right now is 300m, but it will of course get better. What is your opinion about this? I tried searching forums, but older posts aren't that relevant nowadays, when game changes and patches come out. I will be grateful for every comment
  11. "Chill" Est. 2016 Instances, MvP Hunts, Bloody Branches, AFK, daily/weekly. We kick members every 2 weeks inactivity, unless they give us information about the circumstances. Mostly we play and run instances at around 11.00 AM & PM Server Time or depends on the most crowded time. We encourage new players to understand the game strategies, guides, and whole understanding about how to start as a new player and quickly going up as an experienced player. Go to Lutie to look around at our folks and home. We just rebuilding back at this new year, since most of our old guildies quit a year ago. And now it's your chance! RULES 1. Main char active in guild 2. Chill in base (Lutie) 3. Behave and be polite to every player in the server 4. Follow the rules of NovaRO server (https://novaragnarok.com/wiki/Rules) DISCORD: discord.gg/z7QYaWC or Myrn#7037
  12. United as one family, with one goal. This is our guild, GHOST. An international guild doing different instances. Our purpose is to enjoy the game to its fullest and create one big family that has bond and friendship within each member! So sit back, relax and have fun with us! RECRUITMENT We are looking for members who aspire to become better and have perseverance to do so. ALL CLASSES ARE WELCOME! If you're a newbie, we are willing to guide and help you out. REQUIREMENTS: Be able to have discord app in PC/mobile. Be able to speak and comprehend English. Be able to have fun! We do not tolerate drama queens and kings and issue makers. HOW TO JOIN Join our discord server. We'll communicate with you through discord: - Make sure your aim is to have fun and enjoy the game while prioritizing your own real life. RULE: Our only rule is to respect EVERYONE in the guild. Don't hesitate to approach us. We're always open for new members! ~ GHOST REMINISCENCIA ~ MORE PICTURES IN THE COMMENT SECTION
  13. Almost full geared. Soon ill post Old Glast Heim Normal, Sky Fortress , Nightmarish Jitterbug, and others boss hunting and instances. *My consumables on the bar where basically Sarah's foods, berserker potion and guarana candy.
  14. Трое дружных рошных маньяков ищут компанию для совместного плевания в потолок, сидения в Пронте, фарма, забегов по данжу и тп. Кем бы ты ни был(а), не стесняйся писать в пм или отвечать в теме. Возраст, пол, уровень скила не важен - все покажем и расскажем, в меру своих сил. Добра и приятной игры. Продвижение первоначальной темы Тема актуальна в течение длительного времени, пока не будет написано обратное. Апать практически не буду, но это не значит, что интерес пропал.
  15. Welcome to the fantastic world of D I S N E Y! We are a brand new guild that is on the mission to help players get better at instances. Our guild will be mostly based on instances, pvm content, and socializing. Interested? This is what we are looking for: - Active members - Players wanting to improve their gameplay - Social players that want to help the community get better - Players who can speak English - People who respect each other and aren't jerks How to Apply: - Come find me in game IGN: Lady Ahri || Velvet Cupcake - You can also attempt to find Dyfer - Leave a post here with your IGN name and I'll see if I can locate you. - Our hometown is Lighthalzen, so check there - We do have a Discord as well: https://discord.gg/PebgpHq || Just place a message at the front gate and we'll get back to you. Thanks for reading through this random information, and I can't wait to see you online ^^ Velvii and the Mickey Mouse Team~
  16. This is a remake of a deleted post. Hi guys! GM of Plebeian Brigade here looking for aspiring members. Both newbies and veterans are allowed to join but the fresh bloods get top priority. :3 For a little overview about us, here's a list of the objectives we strive for as a collective: As for what we require of prospective recruits: Do remember that we are not a casual guild. However, we are not tryhards as we have fun in the chat and horseplay around quite often. With the current status of the guild, our downtime now spans at around 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM (or 14:00 for those using the 24-hour configuration) server time (PST). The list of prominent instance-ready roles at our disposal are listed in descending order of abundance: Rebel (5 active) Genetic (2 active, 1 brewing, 2 vending) Arch Bishop (3 active) Sura (1 active, 2 levelling) Sorcerer (1 active) Royal Guard (1 active) Note that these aren't our only member count. Just the ones that usually come to instances with us. Hopefully, this is enough to garner interest from other people. If curious, please shoot me up a message here in the forums or go to Einbech (@go 21) to meet up with the members so we can send you an invite link. Alternatively, please message these people in discord: Yugi Muto#9285 Plupi#6475 c u soon#3396 Kyar#7349 Noo8#5523 That will be all. Thank you for taking the time to read our post.
  17. Hello everyone, I am searching for a small to medium sized Guild, which has active and friendly Member, who do Instances and Quests (War of Emperium optional) on a regular basis. I am 25 years old and from germany. As for now I am a student, who partial works, so I am online almost everyday. Mostly a quiet and socially awkward person (I need alot of time to get used to people), which means I don't speak alot, but sometimes, on rare occasions, I am very talkactive. I speak english and german. Ragnarok Online was once my very first MMO and I am now just seeking the nostalgic feeling of the game. I would consider myself as an experienced RO Player, but still struggling with some renewal aspects of the game, since I mostly played 2004-2010 on the official euRO Server. Right now I just play a full support AB (level 175/60), but I do have some other Characters aswell. If you have any further questions feel free to ask me here or in game (Doc Tobi). Greetings Tobi
  18. Hi Nova, new renewall player here! I've been playing the last 3-4 weeks only with my Rolling Cutter GX and I did some instances with different results (some very good, some inefficient), so I'll be happy if I get some tips from you veteran players, about builds, about the instances I've already run and about the instances I want to do in future. Actually my build/gear is this one: STR 120 AGI 110 DEX 100 LUK 4X (can't remember right now and I'm not in game) VIT 93-95 (same that happens with LUK) INT rest (arround 25, just for Silence, thought I will give that points to LUK). Upper headgears: Rideword Hat +4 [Dark Pinguicula], Alice Doll (For GMT). -> I was thinking about getting Ancient Gold Ornament with Evil Essence STR 3 and a Large Baphomet Horns (ATK). Middle: Monocle with Dark Pinguicula. -> I was thinking nothing about that, may be that donation wings that gives +1 ASPD could be good?) Lower: Gangster Scarf and Blood Sucker. Armor: Actually I use 3-4 STR/ATK enchanted Nab's Clothes for Porcellio, Evil Druid, Pasana and Bathory Card. -> Should I switch to the same cards on Hero Hidden Cloth? Garment: GSS +7STR/AGI special STR with Raydric and WakWak. -> Any other Card or Garment? Weapon: Thanatos Katar +4 [Abysmal Knight and Hunter Fly], Glorious Bloody Roar +4 and Guillotine Katar [Hydra] just for GMT/BG. -> I was thinking about getting a +7/8 Thanatos Katar with similar cards (or White Knight) and a Crimson Katar Holy +7/8 (Hunter Fly x2, AK/WK or similar combination). Boots: Temporal Boots of Strenght +4 [FS4, Speed of Light] with Green Ferus. -> Should I wait a long time til get enough zeny to buy a high refined Temps? Accesories: Pendant of Chaos, Medal of Honor and a Creamy Card utility -> I was thinking about getting a Pendant of Maelstrom [Gold Scaraba] and Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo as a final equipments. This has been more or less my results at the instances solo til now: -OGH Normal mode: In general, pretty easy, Root falls in less than 10 seconds and Amdarais isn't much harder (I keep Dark Claw and Hallucination Walk for the Power Up phase so he doesn't hit me) . Didn't try Hard Mode, too strong for a solo GX I suppose. -Airship Assault: No problem. -Octopus Cave & Hazy Forest: No problem. -Room of Consciousness: No problem. -Nightmarish Jitterbug: No problem. -Ghost Palace: Easy as well, probably the most. -Faceworm Nest: I just can't be fast enough to do a decent time, it takes more or less 4 minutes (last time I've tried, before getting Temps) to defeat every phase. Maybe with a pair of Engkanto Card and the boost of Temporal Boots may I do better, any tips here? -Malangdo Culvert (Normal): Easy. -Bangungot Hospital: It looks easy til the fatty power up's herself and uses Agility Up as well. Even with Abrasive I haven't been able to give her the final shot in 2-3 runs I've tried. -> Could be easy with Crimson Katar Holy [AK/WK] ? -Bakonawa Lake: Just tried with a friend and got annoyed with the SG/Meteor, not from Bakonawa, but from his "Bakonawa's Will". -> Dunno how to handle that instance. -Geffen Magic Tournament: Finally I can reach Fenrir (at least if the semi-final is against that creator-like guy who summons rocks) but dunno if I'll be able to beat her with those gears (GBR+4), I've got stripped the first time I met her. -Horror Toy Factory: Everything is ok as long as I have HP items, except when Kimi activates Power Up / Max Pain. I've tried just a pair of runs, but I was thinking about leaving Hallucination Walk to that last assault when she becomes more powerfull. May it work? Also, this are the instances I haven't tried, but I'll like to, so any tip is welcome: -Buwaya Cave -> Thought I'll need a very specific resistance gears and maybe Reflect Shield will be too much. -Bio's Island. -Nidhoggur's Nest -> Maybe too much? -Wolchev's Laboratory -> I suppose it should always be in a party, as I can't even imagine a fully geared GX (deviling-angeling) surviving one of those MVP's. -Infinite Space. -Temple of the Demon God -> I suppose it is impossible without a party. -Charleston Crisis. -Sky Fortress. I know it is a long post, and as a Spanish writer it won't be a very good English, but thanks for helping!
  19. Hello i been playing NovaRo for almost 2yrs now and decided to make a Pvm Exclusive guild to help my fellow pinoys Newbie / Old Players Discord: https://discord.gg/8DQkDPs FB Page for novaro ph players https://web.facebook.com/groups/337334646716833/?fref=nf No level Requirements all is welcome feel free to ask questions. wag lang math! Respect and help each members and be friendly will plan to run all instances suggested by members in the future kung max level na tayo lahat save point namin ay sa port malaya pinoy map or @go 34 use #tagalog kung naghahanap ng mkakausap haha pm R i z or Myrmidon for more questions ingame
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