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Found 5 results

  1. Ever since the introduction of MH2* every patch about it has bring people nerves to the extreme, some of the outrage on players part is justified(yesterday patch) and some are not(the nerf to IP def pierce), while the nerfs/buffs can feel like a punch in the gut what I really think is the biggest let down is the lack of information about future changes that could entirely break a class. For the clowns out there, I'm talking about the classes exclusively on MH. I know GX is still a beast outside of it. Yesterday patch came out of nowhere and suddenly the damage of some people is cut in half or even more, there was no time to discuss the change itself with the players and for players to get prepared, you more than anyone else knows that RO is a grindy rpg and not a moba that you can just reroll freely without losing too much time, at least gives us some warning to get prepared. About the goals IMO the devs are hurting themselves trying to design the hunts to last X amount of time in a game like RO, I get that you want to make it difficult to emulate the whole MH original game feel but you are going to lose a lot of time trying to perfectly balance a mode that most people only do to get theirs Shadow Sets/BSBs. Players that have put the time and zeny to gear up to end the hunt as quickly as possible should be able to do it, of course if it's not something ridiculous like IP or what RGs are doing right now, they are the extreme minority that are old enough in the server to have almost infinite resources to back their weirds builds. Just to give you an example WoW Mythic raids are usually cleared in about a week or two at most by the top end raiders, while the average player can take months to clear it, there is no point trying to perfectly balance a content around the minmaxers. My final take is that you are going to lose a lot of your time trying to imitate the gameplay of the original MH while having to deal with the weirdeness/variety of RO and trying to balance it around extremely high end players, also just to reinforce a dev blog about the changes before they are applied would be a gods send. Edit: To better clarify what I meant about the justified/non-justified part.
  2. If i may just cut straight to the chase, Happy Hour for Monster Hunter is at reaaallly inconveniant times for us EU folk in the CEST time zone. Heres the times we have it here... PST - Server Time CEST 3:00 12:00 9:00 18:00 16:00 1:00 21:00 6:00 As you can see, the times are basically, Lunch and/or work, Dinner time and then sleep hours. I personally cant really find the time to do Monster Hunter in these hours. If it were posibble, i would like one time to be moved, so that we have at least 1 happy hour in the afternoon (14:00 or 16:00 etc.) or maybe putting one in around evening hours (20:00 or so) , or maybe even just moving all of it by +1 hour ( instead of 3:00 it would be 4:00, so that our times are more reasonable). If this would mess the schedule really badly then i understand, but i really think this is an issue for us playing from europe. Thanks for reading.
  3. I would like to suggest that auto-save from Monster Hunter spawn point after entering the Flood Forest should be disabled. Let it work like how you spawn back to Battlegrounds room without overriding your old save point. People who usually runs MH during happy hour has to walk through going back especially when their save point is far away from "@go town" spawn point. An example of this are: Alberta, Lighthalzen, Morocc and other towns that has multiple Kafra save points.
  4. Hello, I need to farm my shadow dex equipents on both my AB and my Ranger and I'm looking for people willing to help me/farm with me those :D. I've never done tendri but I'm willing to learn and fail until we get it. I'm planning on double clienting my ab. The party I think it should look like this: DPS 1: Chai - Ranger DPS 2: Healer: Tank: Any other class: You can contact me here or in game on Chai and we coould set up the party
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