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  1. Hello im new to the game, im planning to get a gear from the NPC that exchanges gears for Endeavor Tokens As a rebellion what should i get? i cant really choose from any of them as i have no idea on what should i focus on.
  2. Lore is now dissolved. Thank you for the years of friendships <3 •••• Who We Are: We started out as a band of friends wanting to connect with more players, to make long lasting friendships. Today we're a thriving community that still continues that mindset of socializing and helping one another. We're also an international guild, so everyone is welcoming of different languages and backgrounds! What We Do: We're a Social/PvM guild that focuses on helping each other out with Instances, leveling, weeklies, and much more! Rules: We accept most players, we just ask that you're active on our discord server, and follow these rules: • Respect Everyone sexism/homophobia/racial slurs are not tolerated. (more rules are listed in our discord!) Guild Hangout @go 33 Guild Leader: Bulbie (Nickie#9155) Co-Leader: Xione (Gin#9876) Officers: Fall Kakey Zelda GX (Becca) Doktah (Bacon) Let us know if you have any questions! x Lore
  3. Hi I'm new to Merchant/Alchemist and I need help on finding out good spots to level my homunculus. I'm following this 'guide': https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Play_Genetic_with_Alice#Leveling_progress And I'm at the 91-99 point where I have to kill Siromas, but my homunculus is only level 43 and misses every attack. Where would be the best place for me to get it to 99? (I actually wasted a lot of time in Anthell not realizing that it wasn't getting much exp lol) Thank you! ;w; I'm pretty lost here haha
  4. Hello! as you can see on the title my name is Kurusu Light (Light for friends) i'm new on this private server and let me tell you. it's very good not to say amazing i spend here on my first day 6 hours and i'm a Sura lv 101 (i know isn't to much, but the experience to get these Lvs here was really cool) by the way i come from iRO and the experience i had here was much better than the beginning of my adventure on iRO, and well that's all i can say for this server to my the first touch was 10/10. Well... changing the subject i'm a Artist and i really like to draw stuff from RO, to give an example these are one of my drawing of my main character Light X: Hope you like it! Also i like Nintendo games like Super Smash Brother (Main Sonic BTW) , Mario Kart 8, etc. here's a pic of my character in game Light X So far if there's a guild recruiting people like me let me know i'll be more than happy to join you guys, my purpose is not be the best player or fight the strongest MvPs is create connections with people and unforgettable moments. well, that's all see you later and let's see what this server prepare for me!
  5. Good morning eveeyone, im new in renewal, and i want to play a new character that i never played, a rebellion. Please, can i ask you for a farming build for a mewbie in the server? Thanks! Pd. Sorry for my poor english!
  6. or join our Discord server for faster response!
  7. Hello! My name is Hele :3 (Yes, you can see it on the left but still i going to write it ) Wait now i discovered that i came back from a long hiatus xD ( why im writing things that you know? like you can read that on the title tho), im a old player from another server xD Tbh i really like this server, leveling isnt like a "boring" and "slow", sometimes when is too slow it would end just quitting >< but this server i really liked because wasnt slow that you can end sleeping and still be level 1 (Why im writing a bible here ) Don't know if someone going to read this but im searching for a friendly guild
  8. Hello all, My name is Vincent. I grew up as a teen fascinated with the world of RO. As an adult, I've been feeling nostalgic so I stumbled upon this server and wanted to give it a try. Looking forward to meeting you all! If anyone is willing to accompany a newbie like me in the game, I'd greatly appreciate your company! My character name is SaintIggy. Looking forward to adventuring alongside ya'll!
  9. Type: PvE / Casual / Social Region: North America / Europe Active Hours: 15:00 – 23:00 Server Time (PST) Guild Master: u b e Guild Slaves Officers: xKauei, bowshooter, Whisper of the Heart Guild Town: Nameless Island (@go 46) Language: English Welcome! ヾ(^∇^) We are a small group of outcasts anime lovers [Insert fangirl scream] who are new to this server, looking for people who want to learn and grow together as a guild! We strive to maintain a fun and casual environment for everyone to converse with friends and/or family! What to expect: Instances, instances, instances! Random guild events (DB/BB party, holiday events, and more!) Requirements: We are newbie friendly! Any level and any classes are welcome! English only in the guild chat: we respect the fact that members may speak other languages but we seek to foster an inclusive environment where no one will feel left out! Be polite and courteous to others, not only guild members: please be mindful that if you decide to join, you do represent our guild in everything you do. Active characters: we prefer that you join with a character that you use quite often (i.e. farming characters are welcome – it does not have to be your main. If you are just looking for a group to socialize with as you farm, you are most welcome!) Thank you for dropping by! If you are interested in joining, please feel free to pm the leader/officers or just drop by @go 30! As long as you tell someone, they will let a recruiter know and you will be contacted soon! We look forward to seeing you in game ( ̄ー ̄) b
  10. zup guys ! im new here , been playing this game my whole childhood but stopped for about 3 years i think now i find this server which is recommended in the internet that it is good and stable server :) hope to see you guys in the game ! Fellow Peenois !
  11. Hi all! Played RO for some years now and was looking at new servers to play in. This one seems right up my alley and I'm eager to play some RO. Made a thief, she's a SinX now and looking to make some MVP'ing classes. GX and Gen were my bread and butter and was super avid and competitive when hunting MVPs. Hoping they're as good here as over there >w< Eager to play here with all of you!
  12. Spent my entire time playing RO on TalonRO and am just now branching out to see how I feel about Renewal servers. I chose NovaRO simply because of the higher player count than all the rest; I don't want to get involved with a game that's dying and by that logic I don't want to invest time on a dead server :P. What brought you into NovaRO and why do you still play it?
  13. Ok, so instead of starting a new thread every time I wanna ask something, I've decided to start this one here as well. 1) How the hell do I create a second post after the first one without them magically merging each other <censored> 2) From what I can see on Nova Wiki, a job 70 mechanic/white smith has a 29% chance to upgrade a weapon from 9 to 10. I also see that Enriched Ori is 30%. Q: Is this correct?Is the difference in 9>10 only 1% between these? 3) Can Gates of Hell/Tiger Cannon really be endowed? 4) Can each hit from Hell Gate trigger a HP/SP drain, much like Desperado does? Or is it only 1 hit per 1 skill usage? (note: remember that upgrade chances with Enriched are better along the way {4~5>9}).
  14. Hello! I'm making this post hoping to be welcomed to this server with open arms! I stumbled upon this server from RMS and decided to join because i've missed playing RO. My experience.. I played in RebirthRO 07~08 / NiktoutRO & AtomixRO from 07~10 / DreamerRO May2016~July2016? So I've touched most of the pound when it comes to Low/High/SuperHigh. I plan on making a Minstrel if someone could give me some tips on how to play/build/level and gear! I would great appreciate it. I would also like to know about some of the big guilds that WoE and do daily Instances because I've never experienced the opportunity to do them so I would like to try them out with some experienced people. V/r, The Big Dank Memer -HySinh
  15. Hello, all of you! Hope you're enjoying yourselves! My name is MisterBacon, or MrrBacon in-game, and I am new to Nova RO I've played SOME Ragnarok in the past, but pre-renewal, on a different server, with higher rates. I used to play mostly PvP, and I'd like to keep that as my main focus, BUT I'd like to also experience these interesting dungeons/instances. I used to play ninja, but now i want to try something else, and am going for a GX for PvP and a Ranger for PvM Since I am new, I'd like to find a guild to join, that will help me through this vast game, and hopefully a guild I'll someday be able to contribute back too! Hope to see you all in-game!
  16. Hello, all! GM of Sheepapocalypse here > w<) I wish to recruit some of you in my international guild. No requirements needed, but need to follow some rules o wo)/ Also, this is a friendly guild for newbies~ Guild Rules: Must love sheeps! Be nice and helpful to everyone. Home base is Hugel -> @go hug (because hug <3 and the Sheep NPC is there) Displaying of inappropriate attitude will be given a warning. 3rd warning will be considered kicked out. Most members are at time zone UTC+08:00 Hong Kong. [BIG DEAL] Helping newbies is my priority. No discrimination and bad mouthing in Instances runs. Explain everything on what is needed and what not to do. Understand that everyone starts as a beginner and not an instant experienced. Some people are slow learners or feeling hastened due to the fast progress of some Instances, so bare with them and help the inexperienced instead. If I see someone yelling or bad mouthing at some inexperienced, I'll give you warning. ENGLISH language only, but I'll allow mix English like your language + English. It's more expressive for you. Just don't forget to explain that certain word so everyone will know. No spamming in chat box unless we're having good times. Don't make drama in guild chat, unless everyone is involved. If you're really paying attention for reading the rules and regulations, say 'meh ish fluffy sheep' as a code for your recruitment. Jokes, puns and pervy jokes are ok, but not below the belt. Who ever tells malicious jokes will be given a warning. If you have problems, approach me or my VGM sister. Just have fun and don't be too serious! <3 Discord Rules: I'll only give access to the Discord Server once you're recruited. Check #read_first, but I'll write it here otherwise. Change your Nickname and put your IGN (In-game Name) beside your Discord name, like [ Lerisoirme / Sheepilolita ] If you're gonna run Instances, record the Instance name, time entered and the members in #instances_records Easy access of guides in #guides channel of Instances, quests and everything. Just scroll up and look at what you need. Extras: Let's help each other on making Soft Sheep Hat for everyone! Here's how to make it and the other headgears -> Nova RO Custom HeadGear Quests If you want a certain title in the guild, tell it to me. If you're planning to make a guild event, you're allowed. If you have guildless friends, you can invite them over here, but depends on what class we need. How to Join: PM Lerisoirme, Lerisoirma, Marosoirme, Kairo Cyrus, Pomfers, Sind, Brewed Coffee, Iron Mage, Lady Ahri, Velvet Cupcakes, Pierre Rohan, Dazielle, Melapy, Ellois, Little Shino, Shino Asumi, Ysane chwan. We're usually online around 7 pm onwards (5 am server time). Click below to see who's online., Say the code and you're instantly invited! All classes are welcome, but we're really looking for: Rune Knight [Closed] Royal Guard [Closed] Warlock [Closed] Sorcerer [OPEN] Ranger [Closed] Maestro / Wanderer [Closed] Mechanic [OPEN] Genetic [Closed] Guillotine Cross [Closed] Shadow Chaser [OPEN] Arch Bishop [Closed] Sura [Closed] Super Novice [OPEN] Soul Linker [OPEN] Star Gladiator [OPEN] Oboro / Kagerou [OPEN] Rebel [OPEN] Doram [OPEN] Hope you'll enjoy in our guild and thanks in advance > w<)/
  17. Newbie here, been playing for about 3 days now, I must say the server's great!
  18. Hi all, It's my 2nd day on playing the game. So far these are the Equips and the zeny that I got. Any recommendation to improve this set or where to get a better one? TIA!
  19. Um, hello everyone. My name is Miko and my online name always known as Miko Hon3y3a3y (it's pronounced honeybaby). I am from from Malaysia . I may speak English (not perfect) & Malay language. I played Ragnarok for many years ago since official mRO and to some private servers. Therefore, I understand perhaps the standard mechanism of the game. I'm not really sure what's renewal means, however the last server I went, there are 3rd jobs available , although I don't really understand their new skills. However, the Eden things are not something I familiar with. It's been on and off when I'm playing the game , I stopped awhile due to life commitment and now I'm surveying private servers that suit my game play. I came across this server as it was recommended by my Malaysian friend. This server so overwhelming and it gets me nervous to see what's new around here. My style of game play is more to socialise and helping people up. My interest is highly on fashion. Thus, that's mean cute/cool headgears and equipment. I love to collect rare things too. I don't mind farming to achieve something I want. PVP and WOE are not my forte, however, I don't mind to aid on bringing down MVP and quests. I do arts too. I have my own art shop in previous server and I will do the same here Payment will be prioritise on my wishlist equipment or currency in game. Here are link to my deviantArt : click here (it's little messy because I mix my dolls photography inside too) and this is my Facebook page for latest entries : click here My main character will be either Arc Bishop / Wanderer , I'll go with IGN : Hon3y3a3y (will update more in signature in the future). That was long intro haha and I really hope to meet everyone in game. Please if you may guide me through the new world in the game, let me know Thank you for reading ! Game On ! (oh this is my OC of myself)
  20. Hello y'all I'm Bivar but you can call me by that name or Keru or Keruberosu or B it doesn't matter lol I'm a 26yo guy from Brazil and I'm totally new to this server and renewal stuff. I played RO a long time ago and latelly I've been craving to play some more and here I am, like a totally newbie to this. I'm enjoying this server so much and would love to meet new people since I preffer playing in a party, its way more fun. Anyway, if you want to meet me in game you can find me by the name Tsuko and you can always message me in the forum, I'm always checking it. Thats all lol
  21. Very new to NovaRO. It is nice to play a good low-rate renewal server though.. I hope to meet players here and share my love for the game. At the moment, I am playing as GunSlinger going to Rebellion soon. Just dropping by to say Hello and goo day
  22. Hi guys Im new to the forums. I have tried playing in this server a few times. I dont know what Im supposed to do to move forward
  23. hi guys im sorry if this kinda question pops up everytime but i cant seem to find the answer on all of the posts here, i'd like to ask some questions: 1. how to farm zeny? i know its on gefenia but how? everyone seems so easy AS-ing the monster there but im actually just died the second i use AS 2. where can i get the white wing set? i already got the brooch and i know the suit is dropped by anubis, but the rest? 3. what are the reccomended stat of PvMing? and pls dont just redirect me to a link, i need a clear explanation from someone who already play ranger. thx a lot
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