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  1. > RECRUITMENT IS OPEN < •••• Who We Are: We started out as a band of friends wanting to connect with more players, to make long lasting friendships. Today we're a thriving community that still continues that mindset of socializing and helping one another. We're also an international guild, so everyone is welcoming of different languages and backgrounds! What We Do: We're a Social/PvM guild that focuses on helping each other out with Instances, leveling, weeklies, and much more! Rules: We accept most players, we just ask that you're active on our discord server, and follow these rules: • Respect Everyone sexism/homophobia/racial slurs are not tolerated. (more rules are listed in our discord!) Guild Hangout @go 33 Guild Leader: Bulbie (Nickie#9155) Co-Leader: Xione (Gin#9876) Officers: Fall Kakey Zelda GX (Becca) Doktah (Bacon) How to Join Send me a message on Discord (Nickie#9155), or (Gin#9876) saying you're interested in joining <3 Let us know if you have any questions! x Lore
  2. B> New Banner for Dark Theme About us - We're a small community built by veteran PvM and PvP players. That said, we are a social casual guild focusing primarily on providing a fun learning experience in PvM and PvP content. We provide a very active Discord to chatter, leveling parties and enjoyable voice communication in Battlegrounds, chatting together to build stronger relationships. We hope to invite adventurous new and old players who enjoy using Discord and/or are willing to step into unknown Renewal content. General Information - Anyone who wishes to join can either reply to this thread, or visit our save town Splendide and ask for an invite that way. Active Hours: 15:00 to 0:00 server time. Town: Splendide Language: English Leader: Sanoshi Co-Leaders: Fluffs, Shuu CEO: Enma, Azn Combo, Rino, Andie Goals - Create a family friendly environment to joke and spend mindless hours on and off RO with. Quickly get players past the dreaded new player experience Pass on PvM and PvP Knowledge Produce the dankest memes Guidelines - Rude/Offensive behavior from any guild member will not be tolerated. Be able to speak/understand English as it is our primary language. Be respectful to other guild members.
  3. Cat Butt is an active social PvM guild looking for more members to join the butt army. We do daily guild PvM runs, but fret not, if you are not ready, no rush! We are here to help you so you can grow and join our runs. We are a fairly new guild and rather than trying to be the very best PvM guild, we try to be the very best family! We don't care if you are new or old player, all are welcome to the butt army. New to NovaRO? It's our priority to help you get started by sharing our info/knowledge about the game. You like to memes? We all do. [insert pepe emoji here] You like min-maxing? Okay, maybe not all of us are into that, but don't worry, we also have tryhards here. Cat Butt socialize using Discord. So please make sure you have one or make one. Trust me, it will make your life so much easier. Strictly no rude people / trolls. If you are looking for a guild to make profit or just to join our guild run without socializing with us, we are not the guild you are looking for. Now comes in two flavors! Cat Butt and Kitty Butt Guild recruitment is currently closed !! >>> https://discord.gg/WBd8pY3 <<< Leaders: oorin: Mitchirin/Maven Calore/Marzia (oorin#0289) Mr_nik: Lady Nika/Nika Ranger (Mr_nik#1712) Home Town/Save Point: Rachel (@go 23) Timezones: SEA/EU/US/OCEANIA Activities: - PvM, Leveling, Instances, Guiding Newbies, Min Max - Social, Discord, Chatting, Gossiping, Events, Giveaway - Discussions, Feline Asses, Meme, Rabb.it, Steam Game Frequently Asked Question: So why the name Cat Butt?? No other name? We were joking about cats and butts while the creator was trying to find a good guild name for her new guild. Voila! Yack! Another PvM guild??? I mean, why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So can I join but not join discord? I guess you can? But don't complain if we never talks to you in game or ask you to join our guild runs. Its 2018, get a discord. What do I need discord for anyway? We socialize using discord. Not everyone are always on the character they have in the guild. We arrange party for instances in discord too. And if you have any questions or need quick help regarding anything, discord will make it sooooo much easier. There are always people online in discord 24/7. But I don't have microphone for voice chat! We don't require you to join our voice chat. We mostly socialize and chat by text anyway. But if there is a chance for you to join voice chat, please do so! We would love to hear you sing! Okay, so how do I join?? Easy! You can join our discord and start from there, or you can PM one of our leaders in game, or even just come to Rachel and find one of our butt army. So what else are you waiting for? Join us now!! Be a proud Butt Army! >>> https://discord.gg/WBd8pY3 <<<
  4. STARLIGHT ESTÁ RECLUTANDO (STARLIGHT IS RECRUITING) Buenas a todas las estrellas de NovaRO. Starlight está de regreso reclutando hispanos que quieran formar parte de nosotros. Actualmente la Guild está cambiando un poco en comparación a su perspectiva anterior y esperamos que todos quieran unirse a nosotros a pasar un momento de diversión. Un poco sobre SL: Starlight o SL como mucha gente le conoce, es una Guild formada hace poco menos de 1 año por algunos amigos que buscaban algo de diversión en Nova (Mentira, el GL está loco y quiso armar una Guild de la noche a la mañana, ahora me amenaza con reabrir este post en foro o me deja sin galletas ;-;). Starlight estuvo en actividad por cerca de 6 meses, pero por el poco tiempo de varios de los supervisores de la Guild se tuvo que cerrar. (No le crean, al GL le dio la wea y lo cerró todo, porque sí :c). Ahora Starlight vuelve con todo para apoyar tanto a los nuevos como a los viejos jugadores en el servidor que busquen algo de diversión. Actualmente las regulaciones han cambiado. Starlight es una Guild completamente diseñada con las intenciones de apoyar a los nuevos jugadores para poder avanzar hacia adelante en el servidor. Actualmente nos encontramos con un nuevo GL de España que se encarga de los usuarios específicos del Pais. ¿Qué necesitas para ser parte de las Estrellas? 1) Comunicarte con cualquiera de los GLs que mostraremos más abajo en pantalla. 2) Guardar en Lutie, porque las estrellas de invierno son bonitas. 3) Tener Discord al menos para hablar via chat, no es necesario tener microfono o audifonos para entrar a audio, aunque se agradece para mayor participación. 4) Tener la buena onda de querer formar parte de nuestra Guild. 5) Querer ser una Estrellita más. ¿ A dónde o a quién puedes dirigirte para recibir Guild? Para encontrarnos tienes que dirigirte al punto de guardado en Lutie (@go 7) y buscar a cualquier miembro que tenga el nombre de Starlight en Guild. De esa forma preguntar por un Lider que pueda darte Guild. Los GLs son los siguientes: Alice Wonderland (Genetic) /Amane Miria (Futura Star Emperor) / CamiIIe (Rebellion) / Asuza (Genetic) GL Principal (Está loco el GL, está locoooooo). Discord: Rion#8696 Eastwood (Rebellion) / why i did this (Doram) GL Secundario. Discord: Eastwood#1281 Fu Wind (RK) / Fu Gatito (Doram) Sub GL. Discord: Fu Wind - Blade of Wind#3585 Onedrimer (AB) / Nyameless (Doram) Sub GL. Onedrimer#6683 Nall (Ranger) GL. Español Zefield#7491 Los GLs se encuentran principalmente en horario nocturno. Para mayor información favor de comunicarte con los GLs y ellos te darán toda la info necesaria. Esperamos tengan una experiencia satisfactoria con nosotros y nos vemos in game. (Me van a matar por poner estos mensajitos :'v). Do you don't speak spanish? Is not a problem anymore. Starlight is now open for all the players in NovaRO who wants to join to play and have a great time with us. If you want to join, you have send a PM to the next members in game, discord or forum. Alice Wonderland (Genetic) /Amane Miria (Futura Star Emperor) / CamiIIe (Rebellion) / Asuza (Genetic) GL Principal . Discord: Rion#8696 Eastwood (Rebellion) / why i did this (Doram) GL Secundario. Discord: Eastwood#1281 Fu Wind (RK) / Fu Gatito (Doram) Sub GL. Discord: Fu Wind - Blade of Wind#3585 Onedrimer (AB) / Nyameless (Doram) Sub GL. Onedrimer#6683 Nall (Ranger) GL. Español Zefield#7491 We are waiting for you guys.
  5. The Austro-Hungarian empire is looking for new members. We're a new guild and willing to accept any character whose level is 145+. Looking for any classes. Our main focus is doing instances. Mainly want people from GMT +0 to GMT +2. How to join: -First: join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ykp82k7. -Second: present yourself on Discord. -Third: contact me in game through pm, I'm Elise Doran or through Discord (Elise Doran) any time between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm (GMT +1) Monday to Thursday and 4:00 pm and 8:30 pm (GMT +1) weekends for the in game invitation. So come and show us your Austro-Hungarian proudness.
  6. Hello everyone this post's gonna be written in Polish so nothing to look for if you haven't mastered this cruel and tongue twisting language. Rozbrykani Cześć! Wspólnie ze znajomymi postanowiliśmy stworzyć gildię na tym serwerze. Przyszliśmy z talona i tam również gramy (jako Loża Szyderców), jednakże znudzeni pre-renewalem postanowiliśmy spróbować czegoś nowego. Gildia nie ma żadnych celów odnośnie WoE, wszyscy jesteśmy tutaj nowi i nie ogarniamy jeszcze gry do tego stopnia. Na chwilę obecną nastawieni jesteśmy na social + PvM, ale zapraszamy każdego Polaka - również miłośników PvP. Wszystkie klasy mile widziane. Możecie nas znaleźć w Gonryun na lewo od pomnika, każdy powinien mieć invite'a. Wymagamy również posiadania discorda, bądź chociaż dołączenia przez przeglądarkę gdyż jest to centrum wszelkich informacji, umawiania się na party, trade'a itp. Discord: https://discord.gg/B3vHNjy
  7. Pied Piper (banner to go here) Time Zones - International, mostly North America & Indonesia Level requirements - None! Classes wanted - Everyone is welcome! However, we really need support classes for instances! Guild focus - PVM/Social/Instances /WoE Guild Home Town - Eclage (@go 35) Guild Leaders (PM one of us for an invite!) - Maverick / Yeun / Chemist - Leader Mallinock - Co leader Discord https://discord.gg/k5hcwqK We are mostly on Discord, please join in order to communicate, and join events or if you want to join the guild. About us Pied Piper was created by Illegal Memes and to this day is a friendly / casual guild that runs PVM instances together and since evolved into a family that likes to theorycraft how to help people earn zeny efficiently in our guild because our time is valuable. We are a drama-free zone, and will not tolerate any bad apples or rude people into our family. Instances we run Wolchev, BMD, OGH, any others that may come up.
  8. Hello Novaronians (? is it correct..) I'd like to introduce you to the special Halloween project of mine - "Absolutely Spooky"! Leader: Eluminare / Annelin Invitatation: Every member of the guild Base: Prontera, below the guild flags About the guild: It's a simple idea for the halloween season. I've noticed that many players are looking for a company to farm some coins during the mini events (aka TOT). Instead of desperately looking for a company, you may just simply join the "Absolutely Spooky" and find some company within minutes! There is completely no requirement to join this guild - your class, level, experience doesn't matter. HA, you may even join the guild with your "special farming character" a.k.a "alt" if you don't wanna leave your current guild! Feel free to make some new friends and socialize with each other, it's amazing time for the new relationships! Contact: Feel free to PM me here on the forum or in game (IGN: Eluminare or Annelin) for more info or for the direct invitation! You can also catch me on discord (check my profile) See you in game MUHAUHA!
  9. ¡RECLUTAMOS! Iberos por Midgard es el lugar de reunión de los españoles en el NovaRO. Fue creada por españoles cansados de no poder hacer contenido en grupo por restricciones de horario (europeo vs americano), así que si estás en esta misma situación, ¡deberías ponerte en contacto con nosotros ;)! Ha sido creada recientemente, pero ya tenemos una docena de miembros y sigue creciendo. Nuestro principal interés es contenido PvE (MvP, instances, etc), aunque también sirve como guild social/casual y aceptamos gente de cualquier nivel y experiencia de juego. De momento somos gente con edades de entre 25 y 35 años, aunque da un poco igual. Solemos reunirnos a la derecha del punto de TP de Gonryun (donde las mesas con sillas), así que si estás interesado puedes pasarte por ahí. Si no estamos, lo más fácil es que entres al Discord, donde nos encontrarás seguro: https://discord.gg/Fd7XVU5 ¡Esperamos verte pronto por Midgard! ----------------------O------------------------- ACTUALIZACION: Siento informar que tras una ausencia de varios meses por motivos personales, el clan ha pasado a inactivo y no estamos reclutando más. ¡Suerte por Midgard!
  10. Scarlet Devils Scarlet Devils is a new guild there, we wanna build a chill, drama free, social and active community. Our rules are simple, keep your drama off our guild, be active and nice with others, don't be a jerk(you know if you are one) and have fun! Wanna join? Do it! (https://discord.gg/VRYvadZ)
  11. hi im Waluis,from sad and chill guild This is a social guild, but we can do instances if people want. Our current spot is at amatsu but if you wanna join us it's better if you join our Discord https://discord.gg/9zcbBhJ cos the guild in game doesnt matter that much just say hi when you enter and you will be part of the guild!
  12. Hi Everyone! New Corgi guild here looking for casual players who wanna join us in running instances, leveling, and general PVM. Also to socialize and make new friends Active and semi-active, newbies and veterans welcome! About us: We're a group of dorks, who recently started playing RO again after 8+ years. We mostly played private servers so coming upon NovaRO is great! Anyone who wish to join us can reply here with Character's name or go to Thor and look for "DurianCake" or any Durian for an invite. Info: - We are mostly active around server time: 14:00 to 0:00 during weekdays, Mon - Fri, and active all day Sat and Sun. - We're stationed at Thor Camp. - We only speak English but anyone is welcome - We do easy instances daily and run harder instances and endless tower/cellar on the weekend. - We love Corgis!! Taxi the Fat Corgi is our mascot.
  13. Dumpling Dancers Hello ladies, gentlemen, and fellow dumplings! We are a newly formed PvM/instances guild, the tasty, the irresistable, you-can't-eat-just-one Dumpling Dancers ~ We are recruiting all classes & potstickers of all shapes and sizes~ Newcomers and seasoned dumplings are welcome~ About Us/Rules We are a laid back, PvM/instances/social guild~ Our number 1 rule is to be tasty friendly! Lend a helping hand to your fellow half-steamed baozi if they need it! Because we are an international guild, English is mandatory in guild chat. Everyone is allowed a maximum of 3 characters~ You are allowed to be inactive for up to 2 weeks without notifying the mythical, elusive Dancing Potsticker~ But I would prefer it if you notified me about your absence! An empty steamer is a sad steamer~! ㅠ_ㅠ~ Discord is not mandatory, but recommended~ Our guild spot is (temporarily) Hugel Inn, 2nd floor~ Swing by and say hi! Contact Us~ Guild Master (Dancing Potsticker): Yisabel Guild Officers: N/A Discord: https://discord.gg/yvxq2rE Guild Spot (temporary): Hugel Inn, 2nd floor Or leave a message here with your IGN and I will try to get back to you ASAP~ Come join the steamer & let's get the dumpling dance party started~
  14. Succumb to your desire... to run instances on this video game. Emblem: Save Point: East Geffen. Come say hi! Temptation was formed with the goal of making sure no one feels excluded within their own guild. Even if people in our group were to become burned out, we want to preserve our friendships beyond RO. Our discord sees activity every day, so it can get pretty chatty. Don't worry if you feel too new or undergeared to join us, we will help you get up to speed! Temptation is an organized guild for running dungeons. Using our discord channel along with a discord chat bot, we plan events ahead of time and allow people to sign up if they're interested. Organizing made easy! Come join us for: Gramps parties! Level those alts! Instances! Quest parties! Non-RO game nights! We try to avoid small party instances that exclude guild members. We want as many guildies as we can get to come along and have a good time. Want to join? See an AFK chat with our guild name plastered on it? Drop on in and leave your name. You can also come to East Geffen and say hi. If you're feeling particularly immobile, you could also request to join through our discord by booping this button: https://discord.gg/EgPUGkp
  15. Credits and thanks to Reimu (BlackBird17) for this amazing guild art Recruitment is currently closed Hi there! Sapere Aude is an older guild from iRO that has spread over to NovaRO! A lot of us are still new to nova, however we have a good understanding of renewal mechanics, so bear with us! The name Sapere Aude means "Dare to know" in Latin. We have an active discord chat with close to 200 members where we socialize, organize events, and share stories from our lives! We still operate in iRO, so if you play there as well, this is the perfect guild for you! We take pride in our friendliness, and will try to reach out to everyone without leaving anyone behind. Sapere Aude is a reformation of an older guild in iRO known as "Semper Fortis"(as well as its sister guilds, "Semper Anticus" and "Semper Invictus") founded in late 2016. Guild Activity: We run ET/EC on Fridays at 7pm PST (server time)/ Saturday 11am UTC+8 and Saturday 4am PST/ 8pm UTC+8. We alternate which day we do either ET or EC on to give all timezones a chance to do both. We like to do Monster Hunter during happy hour to farm coupons as well. We will be hosting more instances soon~ What do we expect of you? We expect friendliness from you, and occasionally visiting us on Discord for communication (even if you're on hiatus, we'll still welcome you on Discord!). And to be kind and helpful to others, trying to help anyone who needs help. I'm interested! To join Sapere Aude, you will need to fill out an application on our website: http://ragnarokandchill.enjin.com/recruitment After you've filled out the application, just wait for one of our captains to approve you and send you our discord link. You can let us know via discord that you have submitted your application by contacting: Average#7987 duke#8463 jamdonutjam#5799 OR Jump on in to our discord server, and we can answer any questions you may have before filling out our application, or if there is some problem submitting it. Have fun in game and we hope to see you in our guild!
  16. Do you like singing in the shower? Does your mom complain everytime you start singing at 2am because the neighbours "have done nothing to deserve this"? Do you like to completely murder a song when it comes on the radio, and then proceed to get beaten by your friends who really like said song? THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! The X Factor is a television music competition franchise created by British producer Simon Cowell and--- No wait, wrong X Factor. The X Factor is a completely new and social international guild for those who would like to show off their awesome (maybe nonexistant, but still awesome) singing skills! Or just chill in the voice chat and make fun of everyone else, whatever. The only requirement isssssssssssssssssssss...! To have fun! And that's it! Easy amirite? I mean it'd be awesome if you could participate in our voice calls, either by singing or just being the audience. Don't worry, we don't judge - we're most likely just as bad. It's preferred if you join with a musical class (aka Dancer, Bard, Clown, Gypsy, Minstrel, Wanderer) but any class will do. We'll try to hold karaoke parties every weekend or so (when there's most people online, probably) and who knows, if enough people join there might be even some prizes to those who sing the most songs. So what are you waiting for? Come audition with us today! https://discord.gg/wuqpNfU (Our hometown is Comodo, got the stage and everything)
  17. Hello everybody, OXD here o/ Recruiting players for instance runs in our beloved server, NovaRO. We are also available for casual talk / memes / whatever, you name it. We are just some casual PvM guild, and we would like to expand our guild to help out other players and also helping each other inside the guild. Some basic info about our guild: We are a fairly active guild, though we act more as a community rather than a guild. If you wish to join for socializing, what are you waiting for? JUST HIT THAT DISCORD LINK BUTTON Guild runs! We usually arrange weekly guild runs. As for daily runs, it is up for the guild members and allies in our Discord channel Having fun and helping out people are our priorities. If you are a newbie looking for help and a casual social PvM guild, we are always welcome We accept ANY class, veterans and newbies alike. One golden rule is not to be rude to other players Reminder, we are a social, casual, and PvM guild. If you are looking for a WoE-related guild or looking for guild to gain profit, we are sorry that we are not going to be suitable for your needs. That being said, hopefully you will join our guild if you feel like to. We are here to have fun together and enjoy the game while not being under pressure. DISCORD LINK IN-BOUND https://discord.gg/SQKezv6 If you have friends that wants to join, feel free to invite them! The more the merrier!
  18. Hey everyone! So, myself and several friends just joined in Nova like, a week and a half ago. For several of us, it's our first foray into renewal (and for one of us, still new to RO in general, only started like a month ago). We don't necessarily want to start our own guild, because we want a consistent group to do instances with. So, uh... okay, I guess I'll just start talking? So, we're looking for a guild (obvs), we're mostly interested in PvM/instances. We're looking for a social guild, English speaking, and generally active during day/evening hours in the US - which is the only issue I've been running into in the guild I am in now. Preferably some amount of planning for instances (as opposed to 'hey let's go do something now!'). Uh, about us I guess? I'll list us by mains. AB - Me. I've been maining priest/hp for about 10 years, but I've only been in renewal for about 2 weeks. Currently the only 175/60 in the group. Warlock - longtime main wizard, been playing since before 2-2 classes. Heavy WoE/BG/PvP player who wants to live in PvM before deciding if he wants to do PvP stuff in Renewal. Started Renewal about 2 weeks ago. GX - Longtime friend with the warlock. Casual player. Started renewal with above group. RK - Just started RO less than two months ago. Started in pre-re, came with us to renewal. GX - Longtime player of renewal/pre-re. Tends to do a lot of soloing and dual clienting, but more than happy to help out. .... Everything? - The person who brought us to this server. Mostly Rebel/GX main. Two of us (me and the warlock) are also streamers. We have an active discord for our stream community, and we'll probably be streaming RO from time to time as well. Mostly, be patient with us, we're still learning this whole new world, but we're fun and laid back and just want to have fun with a PvM/social guild If you want, send me a message in game too (I'm usually on Chrysalis, my AB)
  19. Guild ended Thank you for playing with me until now! it was fun! I wish you good luck in the future! goodbye
  20. Hello there! This is the leader of Tutti i the guild ^^ Tutti i the brand new guild is now recruiting members to strengthen ourselves and provide valuable experience for you in NovaRO! Some information about Tutti i : PvM & Social international (communicate in English), most active at 8-11am server time aims to enhance gaming fun in the community instance running almost everyday will try to organize BB parties regularly MVP huntings gladly offering help to any new-comers guild events coming soon! Currently looking for players who are: active to join guild runs (joining with your main characters would be nice ^^) helpful and friendly to all willing to communicate with other players hopefully ready for most instances (Central Lab and BMD pre-reqs done preferred) (but not a must, we are willing to guide anyone in need xD ) interesting enough to entertain your guild leader here Interested players please leave your character name and some self introduction here, visit Thor Volcano Camp(@go 45) or PM Minty Lime / xxxAki in game. We cannot wait to meet you in Tutti i !!
  21. Welcome to the fantastic world of D I S N E Y! We are a brand new guild that is on the mission to help players get better at instances. Our guild will be mostly based on instances, pvm content, and socializing. Interested? This is what we are looking for: - Active members - Players wanting to improve their gameplay - Social players that want to help the community get better - Players who can speak English - People who respect each other and aren't jerks How to Apply: - Come find me in game IGN: Lady Ahri || Velvet Cupcake - You can also attempt to find Dyfer - Leave a post here with your IGN name and I'll see if I can locate you. - Our hometown is Lighthalzen, so check there - We do have a Discord as well: https://discord.gg/PebgpHq || Just place a message at the front gate and we'll get back to you. Thanks for reading through this random information, and I can't wait to see you online ^^ Velvii and the Mickey Mouse Team~
  22. Hello, all! GM of Sheepapocalypse here > w<) I wish to recruit some of you in my international guild. No requirements needed, but need to follow some rules o wo)/ Also, this is a friendly guild for newbies~ Guild Rules: Must love sheeps! Be nice and helpful to everyone. Home base is Hugel -> @go hug (because hug <3 and the Sheep NPC is there) Displaying of inappropriate attitude will be given a warning. 3rd warning will be considered kicked out. Most members are at time zone UTC+08:00 Hong Kong. [BIG DEAL] Helping newbies is my priority. No discrimination and bad mouthing in Instances runs. Explain everything on what is needed and what not to do. Understand that everyone starts as a beginner and not an instant experienced. Some people are slow learners or feeling hastened due to the fast progress of some Instances, so bare with them and help the inexperienced instead. If I see someone yelling or bad mouthing at some inexperienced, I'll give you warning. ENGLISH language only, but I'll allow mix English like your language + English. It's more expressive for you. Just don't forget to explain that certain word so everyone will know. No spamming in chat box unless we're having good times. Don't make drama in guild chat, unless everyone is involved. If you're really paying attention for reading the rules and regulations, say 'meh ish fluffy sheep' as a code for your recruitment. Jokes, puns and pervy jokes are ok, but not below the belt. Who ever tells malicious jokes will be given a warning. If you have problems, approach me or my VGM sister. Just have fun and don't be too serious! <3 Discord Rules: I'll only give access to the Discord Server once you're recruited. Check #read_first, but I'll write it here otherwise. Change your Nickname and put your IGN (In-game Name) beside your Discord name, like [ Lerisoirme / Sheepilolita ] If you're gonna run Instances, record the Instance name, time entered and the members in #instances_records Easy access of guides in #guides channel of Instances, quests and everything. Just scroll up and look at what you need. Extras: Let's help each other on making Soft Sheep Hat for everyone! Here's how to make it and the other headgears -> Nova RO Custom HeadGear Quests If you want a certain title in the guild, tell it to me. If you're planning to make a guild event, you're allowed. If you have guildless friends, you can invite them over here, but depends on what class we need. How to Join: PM Lerisoirme, Lerisoirma, Marosoirme, Kairo Cyrus, Pomfers, Sind, Brewed Coffee, Iron Mage, Lady Ahri, Velvet Cupcakes, Pierre Rohan, Dazielle, Melapy, Ellois, Little Shino, Shino Asumi, Ysane chwan. We're usually online around 7 pm onwards (5 am server time). Click below to see who's online., Say the code and you're instantly invited! All classes are welcome, but we're really looking for: Rune Knight [Closed] Royal Guard [Closed] Warlock [Closed] Sorcerer [OPEN] Ranger [Closed] Maestro / Wanderer [Closed] Mechanic [OPEN] Genetic [Closed] Guillotine Cross [Closed] Shadow Chaser [OPEN] Arch Bishop [Closed] Sura [Closed] Super Novice [OPEN] Soul Linker [OPEN] Star Gladiator [OPEN] Oboro / Kagerou [OPEN] Rebel [OPEN] Doram [OPEN] Hope you'll enjoy in our guild and thanks in advance > w<)/
  23. This is a remake of a deleted post. Hi guys! GM of Plebeian Brigade here looking for aspiring members. Both newbies and veterans are allowed to join but the fresh bloods get top priority. :3 For a little overview about us, here's a list of the objectives we strive for as a collective: As for what we require of prospective recruits: Do remember that we are not a casual guild. However, we are not tryhards as we have fun in the chat and horseplay around quite often. With the current status of the guild, our downtime now spans at around 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM (or 14:00 for those using the 24-hour configuration) server time (PST). The list of prominent instance-ready roles at our disposal are listed in descending order of abundance: Rebel (5 active) Genetic (2 active, 1 brewing, 2 vending) Arch Bishop (3 active) Sura (1 active, 2 levelling) Sorcerer (1 active) Royal Guard (1 active) Note that these aren't our only member count. Just the ones that usually come to instances with us. Hopefully, this is enough to garner interest from other people. If curious, please shoot me up a message here in the forums or go to Einbech (@go 21) to meet up with the members so we can send you an invite link. Alternatively, please message these people in discord: Yugi Muto#9285 Plupi#6475 c u soon#3396 Kyar#7349 Noo8#5523 That will be all. Thank you for taking the time to read our post.
  24. CURRENTLY INACTIVE CURRENTLY INACTIVE YuruYuri is a Social/PvM guild. We are looking to experience all PvM content Nova RO has to offer, to collect the dankest/cutest hats along the way, and to drag more unsuspecting players into our madness General Information Guild town of the moment: type @go 30 it's El Dicastes Time zone: International and ENGLISH SPEAKING/TYPING. So far we have EU, Indonesia, JP, Malaysia, NA East/Central/West, PH, SG, Russia, Czech Rep., and more. Focus: Social/PvM. We are a laid back group with both newbs and vets which makes things interesting. Leader: Technically (notaporing#8695) but really anyone who is (wo)man enough and also humble enough to step up when they are online What we offer - Actual people to share your gaming journey with (ikr this one is kind of crazy ) - Structured roles to contribute to guild organization if you want to - Scheduled events (as of now 1 per week) - Loot Splitting System - Guild Character System - Instance Partners - Discord, live music channel, in-game guild, voice chat with a mute mic button, etc. - Disney Music in our discord server - Images of pizza and sushi that we farm IRL - Occasional SFX of smoking.. completely legal substances by one of our members. What we're looking for - Maturity; whether you're 12 years old or 80+, the only rule is if you continue to be a butt and the consensus says so, you'll be booted. Pretty straight forward. :boot: :peach: - People who play the game! You don't have to abuse your computer and leave it on 24/7 like I do, but putting aside x amount of time a day would help us get to know you and would help you achieve something in your RO story. - If you're looking to also make an impact in WoE on top of having a strong af pvm/townsit game, I'd recommend you over to Converge they're pretty cool people and need some manpower. Join us on Discord!! and follow the instructions or you will be booted in 1 day Thanks for reading! You deserve a slice of pizza If inactive for longer than 3 days, you are subject to an "Activity Check" guild title and may be booted for space. If you come back just ask for a re-invite if you want! CURRENTLY INACTIVE CURRENTLY INACTIVE buffet.bmp
  25. We're inactive for now and not recruiting. Thanks for the interest tho. :beers: Social/PvM About Undaunted Undaunted is an established guild that focuses on hanging out and community building, The guild run instances almost everyday like OGH Hard, BMD, Wolfchev or BB parties. We're looking for: People that will be active in guild activities. People that can communicate in English. People that can fend for themselves. People that are polite and respectful. For PvM, every job is available but we prefer the following: Archbishop Aim Bolt Ranger Genetic General Information Leaders: Allie and Jasp Town: Rachel Main Focus: Social Secondaries: PvM Language: English Voice Chat: Discord Timezone: Mostly GMT +8 and GMT +1 Guild Activities: Fun, quirky and engganging discussions on Discord Monthly Undaunted Talkshows At least 10 Wolfchev runs on Wednesdays and Sundays Old Glastheim Hard, Bios Morse Demon God, Gramps, Bloody Branch leech, etc. War of Emperium iSketch, Dota 2, League of Legends and other games Bimonthly lunch, dinner, drinking if you're around Metro Manila How to join Come Rachel look for Allie or Jasp Contact us on Discord Allie#5287 or Jasp#8421
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