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Character: Ralingwight

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Made this character sheet just for fun /ene


Name: Ralingwight J. Colchis (Nickname: Ral)
Gender: Male
Race: Norman
Organization: EneKids Guild
Role: Guild's main damage dealer and "farmer"


Physical Description: A young and seemingly adorable Super Novice that looks a little more buff and athletic than usual at first glance. Looks about 11 years old. 4'9" height.
Personality: Hot-headed, mean-spirited and very rebellious. He'll provoke almost anyone he meets. He cusses way too much and will often get into fights, win or lose. Sore loser.


Known Strengths: Very strong and agile at the same time. Can lift ridiculously heavy things with ease while still retaining excellent agility, despite his age.
Known Weaknesses: Has a really, really serious phobia of anything sticky, particularly ones at the ground (e.g. goo, tar, mud, quicksand, sticky traps, etc.), heavily relies on speed for defense as he's quite squishy
Known Property: Meteor Strike Hammer, hot-blooded headband, vast amounts of wealth at his disposal "courtesy" of his family
Known Acquaintances: Colchis family, EneKids guild members (Wofooka, Yanto and "EneKid"), Rakugaki


Artwork is made by Teal



Edit: OMG I just noticed I made another similar character sheet in the past. Oh well~

Edited by Rakugaki

Rakugaki's theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtLq8wj0p80




TooMuchFlee.jpg.20ad19f1031f2fe1bacab5ec0aa8371f.jpg It's just flee. Please ignore.

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