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Character: Wofooka

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Name: Wofooka I. Uekkla (Nickname: Wof)
Gender: Male
Race: Norman
Organization: EneKids Guild
Role: EneKids Guild's main support


Physical Description: A deathly pale and sickly looking Super Novice. "Old people white" hair. Blue-white eyes. Has a permanent jaundice in one eye. Very lanky build may imply serious malnourishment. About 12 years old and 4'6" in height.
Personality: On the quieter side, but he's cheerful and optimistic, believing that everything will become better, even in the most dire of situations. Somewhat of a mediator type as he can be seen breaking a fight between Ralingwight and Yanto. Occasionally a prankster.


Known Strengths: His "instinct" as a support type. His magic is the same as the typical mage-type Super Novice except it is weaker in power. This is compensated by having various debilitating status effects. Also has various buffs but at weaker strength. His signature skill his "enhanced" quagmire, which literally stops everything that gets in it.
Known Weaknesses: Recovering from a terminal illness left him physically weak and frail. He has to cast magic once in a while to release his accumulated "corruption", or else he'll succumb to it and die. Needs to be protected by his teammates during a fight.
Known Property: His beanie is the last present his parents gave him.
Known Acquaintances: EneKids guild members (Ralingwight, Yanto, EneKid), Rakugaki


Artwork is made by Teal



There is another character thread that is similar, but this is the final version. /ene

Rakugaki's theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtLq8wj0p80




TooMuchFlee.jpg.20ad19f1031f2fe1bacab5ec0aa8371f.jpg It's just flee. Please ignore.

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