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Homunculus AI Aggressive

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I have been searching about this, but I couldn't solve the problem, so I decided to create a topic in the fórums.


I created an alchemist and I want to level my homunculus, so I wanted to set the AI as aggressive. In the default tab I put "Attack (high)" and the AggroHP as 0 so it can always attack if it has HP, but when I write /hoai and set the custom AI, the homunculus doesn't do anything, it is always by my side. What can I do to set the homunculus as aggressive? I saw that there were links with pre-configured AIs, but the link doesn't work anymore. Could someone help me with this?



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AIs is not functional on the new patch. This is intended as kRO has ceased the use of AIs in homun officially too (mind you, NovaRO is a free server that mirrors kRO as it's main core value). 


If you really still intend to use AIs, download the older client which still supports it. You can find the link in the recent patch notes. 

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23 hours ago, AloeLeaflet said:

@Albertillo Yes it is 

Also if you want to know a little bit more about AzzyAI, I recommend you visiting the AI Section of my Guide


Thank you very much!


22 hours ago, phaicm said:

Homunculus AI will be resolved for the 2018 in the upcoming NovaExt patch. Pending update. 

I will be looking forward to it :)

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