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Help with my equip

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Hi!, first of all sorry for my english :P


I want to improve my Rebelion equipament, and i have arround 600M


My Equip is this:


+4 Fox Ears Ribbons / Rideword Hat (Evil Str 3 Both)

Monocle (Dark Pingucula)

Gangster Scraf

+4 Abusive Robe (Porcellio)

+7 Calf DiamondBack (2x White knight)

+7 Heroic Backpacge (Menblatt)

+4 Temporal Boots Dex (2x EA4/HW EA4/LD Free Slot in Both)

Pendant of Maelstrom (Revolver Buffalo)

Sheriff Left Badge (Shotgun Buffalo)


What is better buy to improve my damage of both Round Trip and QDS.

I was see that +7 Excellion Suit STR/ATK/ATK is arround 165M, and i can afford that, I dont Know the price of +12/+14 Calf Diamond, but if i need 100-200M more i can get them.

Other thing the Backpack, is really a good option pay 160M for +9 when i have +7 version.


Please HELP! I have some money and need to spend it!


Edit: My stats are:


STR: 90

AGI: 90

VIT: 90

INT: 28

DEX: 120

LUK: 90

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+7 fancy feather hat, PER x2 w any bad enchants.Trade Monocle for Sigrun's Wings.+7 Excellion Suit STR/ATK/ATK. Then improve each items for end game - +9 Rideword hat - swap to +9 FFH, +12/14/16 DBack, PER 5% atk - 6% atk(buffalo set), +9 HPB (FAV in future mb), +6 TB Dex (EA HE) - +9 TB Dex (EA HE) (Blut Hase),


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By "HW" you mean "hawk eye"?. If is that, use that boots. Upgrade your armor to excellion with those enchants and get that hbp+9, at +9 gives twice stats of a +7 so get one too. Upgrade acc with physical enhancer with %atk/% aspd if you need, dont aim yet for a high refined diamondback because cost more than 1b.


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