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Making and selling you fruit bombs!


ID # 13260-13264


Make requests to buy my bombs!
Buy 50+ and you can reserve the right to throw some at me! (This will require you to have the sling item skill which is used to throw these bombs (Genetic skill))


Keep in mind Apple Bombs are super easy to farm > Banana Bombs kind of easy to farm> Pineapple Bombs not really a problem to farm> Melon Bomb kind of hard to farm> Coconut Bombs take forever to farm.

I usually like to go batches of 100 of each ish (coconut can be a lot less) (500 total bombs to an order makes it worth your while!)


I charge 25k per Banana, Melon bomb

20k per Other bomb (Price on Apple may change later)


Please leave a message here so I dont have 100 discord private / direct messages


These are great for WoE apparently (Banana and Melon being favorites)


Apple Bombs > Inflicts damage

Banana Bombs > Inflicts damage, reduces LUK Forced Sit

Pineapple Bombs > Inflicts damage, 1 Cell AoE

Melon Bomb > Inflicts damage, Reduce ASPD + Movement Speed

Coconut Bombs > Inflicts damage, Stun + Bleed

Current stock: 


I already have at least 1 regular customer so again Make the request and leave how many you need!

Edited by Lu7ky
Price change!


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