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Disable Saturday Night Fever in BG

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I summarized every point that's been brought up in this thread and from my own testing after reading all the posts here.


1. The skill is currently very buggy:

 - in KvM (haven't tested other modes), group B chorus skills do not check for performer requirements, only on-screen requirements.

 - skills and chat should not be disabled under frenzy status, only consumables are blocked.

 - sitting persisting through rounds should be fixed

 - clearing with freedom starts the forced sitting, but in a standing position, needs to sit twice to stand back up

 - skill duration is apparently still longer than 20 seconds?

2. Other changes:

 - skill should not affect safe areas

 - consider disabling the skill altogether because in its intended working form it's still too annoying of a status to deal with that is unhealthy for your average BG environment


Considering how extremely bugged the skill is, I think it should be temporarily disabled until it is fully fixed. If skills are indeed usable under frenzy, I think it will be a much more reasonable status to deal with, so we should re-evaluate once it is fixed.


tl;dr: disable it for the time being until it's fixed, then re-evaluate.

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