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Hi guys! I'm new to Rebellion and I was just wondering what is the best revolver to use in PvM setting?

With regards to high DPS and ASPD?


I'm kind of conflicted about these weapons in the NovaRO Market:


1. Crimson Revolver +15

2. Dark Rose +15

3. Vicious Mind Revolver +15

4. CalfDeathhadder  +7 or higher


or Is Revolver good to use in PvM setting like hunting MVPs in dungeons? Should I switch to Gatling Gun? Any suggestions? Please do enlighten me.

Thank you very much and more power!

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imo, at this point crimson revolver is severely outdated,
i would prefer high refined dark rose, or +7 and higher calf deathadder than a +15 crimson revolver
can't say much about VM revolver because i never tried that one, but it have the potential to be the best

also revolver main dps now is firedance,
so if you're looking for a revolver you might want to check its bonus damage to firedance, 
i think for now its only dark rose, calf deathadder and illusion gold lux


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depending on your amount of dex, i say +7 calf deathadder is already better than a +15 crimson revolver
thing is, crimson revolver have a poor dex scaling, because of its low base atk (only 100 atk)
compared that to calf deathadder which have 170 base atk

in renewal atk formula, every point of str/dex (depending if melee/ranged) gives you 0.5% weapon base atk

the damage difference becomes much more apparent the more you stack dex
with buffs like blessing, food buff and hawk eye from temporal boots,
not to mention average rebel will have at least 120 dex

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