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King of the Deeps

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51 minutes ago, Kegs said:

Will the trade in NPC disappear on Friday the 27th or stay for a bit? 

You'll still be able to exchange your remaining Deeps Coins after the event ends.


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6 hours ago, forever_friend said:

Kurtis NPC (exchange coins) is disappeared in prontera ... where to exchange the remaining coins ? 


Kurtis has been re-enabled. Additionally, he will stay around for quite a long time, so there's still plenty of time to use your Deeps Coins.


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We've now taken the time to look through the top King of the Deeps runs!

Remember, if a player landed in the top 5 records more than once, their lowest scoring entry became ineligible for leaderboard rewards.

This was applied even if the player had 2 records with 2 different teams.

Two bugs were hot-fixed during the event: Ominous Moonlight + Warmer and @duel + Mentalbreaker.

Any runs that used either of these two bugs are ineligible from obtaining the top 5 rewards.

Note that only the runs themselves were excluded, players are still eligible for rewards with any runs which did not use hot-fixed bugs.

Here are our top 5 teams and their respective scores:


1st place:
Total Damage: 7,377,922,425
Ara Liadon, RegelWiz, Dancer, Arias SC, Porcelain


2nd place:
Total Damage: 3,646,922,627
Rusty Hammer, Nybor, Centered, Khal II, Purous


3rd place:
Total Damage: 3,586,452,853
Grisou, Koenma, Mixo, Vivi, Silent Charm


4th place:
Total Damage: 3,156,314,969
Clear Box, Bahamut, Dancia, Huupa, lntoTheUnknown


5th place: 
Total Damage: 3,155,636,322
Hades H, May Iara, Coerce, PeaSoup, i cant count to ten

Rewards will be sent out promptly!

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Congratulations to the winners! that 7.3b :angry:

And thank you for sending the rewards before the end of the NovaShop sale.

Edited by Puros


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First things first, you hot-fix the said bug at the LAST DAY OF THE EVENT. That means, players who planned meticulously their parties saw those particular skills as LEGIT as they have been enabled for 99% of the event duration. Don't give that BS of an excuse that "that was supposed to have been disabled" because if you were doing your job properly, that would have been disabled early or even middle of the event.


Second, those skills you mentioned above weren't "bugged" - they were simply "not disabled" because of some people called GMs who, intentionally or unintentionally, forgot to disable the skill but relinquish responsibility for that failure and attribute it to the players instead.


To add insult to injury, you omit the records of those who used those skills because "oh! we forgot to disable those skills" and you think you can rectify that error with a last second update. You apparently and grossly ignored the fact that people wasted huge times experimenting what skills they can use and planning their parties, thinking those skills were acceptable to use and that they needed to use their brain more than their luck. What a joke. How irresponsible.


Congratulations to the winners.


But huge shame on the organizers of this event. You proved that this server is all about amassing gears and NOT about strategizing. You penalized people for using their brains and being resourceful, massive salute to you.


Let's take it for what it is:  A miserable and poorly handled event Nova. You had the gall to nerf MVP cards in an attempt to "balance out the event" but end up skewing it in favor of other teams who brute-forced their way with their gears. Huge shame. Dont expect to get great reviews when you can't even properly manage an event let alone follow-through with your own goals.


P.S. You could have taken the high road, apologize for the error, and take it for what happened. But no, you determined to salvage and rectify the situation while all the while SHAMELESSLY ignoring the efforts of other people. Well, with your adjudication, you FAILED.


P.S. 2: You see where the perception of your MASSIVE BIAS is coming from? The outcome and adjudication of this event is 1 BIG solid irrefutable proof. 


P.S. 3: Don't say that the DEEPs coins were consolation enough. They aren't. What a disappointing turn for this server.

Edited by J Reyes
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