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Lore /PVE/Social/Casual/Newbie (Now Dissolved)


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Lore is now dissolved.

Thank you for the years of friendships <3





Who We Are:

We started out as a band of friends wanting to connect with more players, to make long lasting friendships.

Today we're a thriving community that still continues that mindset of socializing and helping one another. We're also an international guild, so everyone is welcoming of different languages and backgrounds!


What We Do:

We're a Social/PvM guild that focuses on helping each other out with Instances, leveling, weeklies, and much more!



We accept most players, we just ask that you're active on our discord server, and follow these rules:

• Respect Everyone

 sexism/homophobia/racial slurs are not tolerated.

(more rules are listed in our discord!)


Guild Hangout

@go 33 


Guild Leader: Bulbie (Nickie#9155)

Co-Leader: Xione (Gin#9876)





Zelda GX (Becca)

 Doktah (Bacon)









Let us know if you have any questions!


x Lore

Edited by Bulbie
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Bulbie • Bulbs • Chirp





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