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LFG to help teach me the ways of NovaRO

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Casual player maining a Wanderer. I would like to have more friends on this server and would love to learn how to do the instances/Monster Hunter/ anything PVM if possible. 
It's difficult playing alone and would definitely help to play with more people. I am somewhat geared if that helps.


I am on Hawaii time and can play Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays, pretty flexible with times, especially on Saturday. I would love to learn how to pvp as well. Reading the new updates, I would be very interested in learning how to do Monster Hunter quests as I have never had a group to play with that.


Anyways please let me know. IGN Skanko! 

English speaking would be terrific! 

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I will play w/ you - Duffmaster and SNIPERGOD360PKKILLER r my mains


or any permutation of pendu/penguin <THEINSERTWHATEVERSTUPIDTHINGIDECIDE>


sry i have a lot of characters....


U can't take my tae goo from sealed shrine tho, that's mine :P


my wife and i usually play around 6-12 PM CST, google says that's 1-7 your time, we will do bios5 and mag3 and mh2 and all sorts of stuff o boy

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