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Holo the Wise Wolf

Holo's Refinement Helper

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Hello. I'm here with yet another addition to the many tools on the internet for refinement. This one has nothing to do with calculating success rates though, as most of them do, but is all about costs for the different refinement methods currently available on the server.



What you can do with this tool, so far


  • Find out when to use Enriched ores or regular ones, and when to throw in your Blacksmith's Blessings.
  • Determine the average costs to make a particular weapon of a specific refinement level.
  • Check how the costs escalates according to the base price you're willing to pay for the clean items.
  • Use this knowledge to avoid paying overinflated prices or selling at a loss.



How to use it


First of all, set the costs for the refinement materials on the [Costs] sheet. Pretty straightforward.





Now let's go to the [Lv. 4 Weapon (Mecha)] sheet for a quick example. You should only edit the cells with white background, on the "Equipment cost per single piece" column. Let's type in the cost of an unrefined Lindy Hop on the first cell: 8,000,000, current price market.






The green color highlights the total cost of the most cost-efficient method, in this case using normal Oridecon with the Mechanic skill and no BSB's. That's the average cost of getting a +5 Lindy. So now for the next refinement level let's put that result as our next cost value:






As you can see, for our second refinement the green highlight is now on the other table, the one for Enriched ores. This means that for refining our +5 Lindy worth 11.47m the most efficient method is using Enriched Oridecon with your local clumsy blacksmith. And the average cost of the resulting weapon would be 22.1m. We repeat the previous step until we reach +10 and we'll have the following:





Now this is interesting. Up until +9 Enriched ores were still the cheapest method to refine but at this point using Blacksmith's Blessings on top of that becomes the advisable way to continue. With the whole process costing 988m on average, against 1360m without BSB's. I'll use that last step to illustrate what every value means in these tables.


As you can see in the columns to the left, refining from +9 to +10 takes on average 5 tries. That means you either need 5 pieces of equipment or 1 piece and enough BSB's to do 5 tries. At that refine level you need 4 BSB's per try so on average you'll need 20 BSB's to get the equipment to the next level. On the right side of the table you can see these BSB's alone cost 700m but if you were to get 5 pieces of +9 Lindy Hop instead, you'd end up spending a lot more.


The top table shows the exact same thing but using normal ores instead. On this sheet the success chances for the Mechanic skill are used. Finally, the [Lv. 4 Weapon & Armor] sheet is also the same but with the success rates for regular ores and without the skill. You should never refine weapons without the skill though.





In this example you have a 30m piece of armor (like an Abusive Robe or a Bio5 hat.. sort of). What the numbers tell us here is that after +7 BSBs start to lower the overall cost of the refining process, escalating quickly to the point where they save almost 800m in the last refine alone.



Does this tool guarantee my success in life, the future and my relationships?


It's important to note that the keyword here is average. Every result this tool returns is based on average values so just like a 1 in 5 doesn't mean you'll get your +10 out of 5 tries, an average cost of 988m doesn't mean you'll end up spending that amount of zeny. The good news is, actual practical results can either be above average, or below average. But these numbers hold more truth the more pieces of equipment you're refining. So if you somehow wanted to make 1000 +10 Lindy Hop's, the actual amount you spend should more closely follow what's predicted by these averages.


For that reason, if you happen to make a living out of farming and refining stuff, these numbers will be way more meaningful to you. But should also be useful to the regular player who just wants to have an idea of the costs or know when to switch from regular to Enriched, and to Enriched + BSB. Use this knowledge wisely!


It also might help people avoid getting 'scammed' by overpricing or lowballing.



Other factors to consider


This tool doesn't take into account stuff like enchants, element or other valuable qualities a piece of equipment may have that may or may not be resettable and affects the cost of the individual item. It doesn't consider (yet) the zeny invested in the refinement itself or the 4 ores used at the beginning. It doesn't predict market changes, demand and offer (if the average cost of a +7 is 5m doesn't mean you can sell 500 of them at that price!). It does not, for the love of god, prevent your equipment from breaking, and Holo is not held responsible for the loss or damage of any piece of equipment, materials or broken hearts.


You might also want to consider the fact that the market price of the initial item is not the same as the value put into farming the item, so if you farm the item yourself you won't be spending that much zeny (and even if you were to sell your whole inventory at current market price, it's bound to go down).



But Holo im a math teacher pHd in statistical analyses and probablilities and ur math dont maek sense


Either does your grammar.

In all seriousness though if you happen to know I'm doing some terrible miscalculations or misinterpretation of the numbers here, please let me know.



Plans for the future


I'm thinking of merging the tables into one since there's no real point in having the "regular ore + BSB" method in there as there's absolutely no point in using these before Enriched ores start to be worth it. Also planning to add Lv 3 weapons. After that I might dive into adding total amount of materials and equipment pieces used all the way from +0 to the desired level. Any suggestions are welcome.





To use the tool you'll have to make a copy of the document to your Drive using your own Google account.


I hope you find this tool useful and can make good use of it. Good luck~




And yes, I know it's not a Mechanic skill but a Whitesmith skill.


Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost.

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Wow, u did a lot of work just to help others. Thank u!

Hope this could help the pple who doesnt know too much about refine to choose wisely the method. 


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