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Nova Companion - Android Closed Alpha


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Hey everyone,
we are currently at a point where we want to present you with some footage of the NovaCompanion app.


Well… let me start by telling you what this is all about!
We aim to create an app for you, where you can check your accounts, characters, and market
For the future, we hope to bring even more new and innovative features to the app.


Which brings me back to the first presentation.


Here you go:
image1.png    image2.PNG    image4.PNG    image3.PNG



We want to involve you as early as possible into the development process, so you can give us feedback, or provide feature ideas.
And hopefully, we can create an awesome app together, which adds something new to our beloved Ragnarok Online.


Within the next month, we want to start an android closed alpha test.
From today until 01. February, you have time to request access to the ACAT.


How many slots? - We plan on having 10-15 slots for the closed alpha.
Why only so few? - Because we want to start with a small group, where everyone wants to help with the development process, provides feedback, and reports bugs. 
Bug reports? Feedback?! Sounds like work! - If possible, we want to have active testers that help speeding up the development, BUT in return we will also provide you some…
...REWARDS! - If you are lucky to join the closed alpha, you can earn some Nova Points for reporting bugs, giving helpful feedback or provide feature ideas.
How to get request access? - Send a discord message to Normynator#7313
It has to include: 
- Mobile device information.
- Your google playstore email address.
- The account name you want to get the rewards on.
- Your forum account name.

If any of this information is missing you can not get access!


Bug bounty program:
We will give out up to 70.000 NP during the closed alpha! The amount of Nova Points you will receive depends on how many bugs you report or how valuable your input was.
Bugs and feature ideas have to be submit via the forums bug tracker.
Each bug report or feature idea will get a "weight" assigned. Your reward is then calculated based on the weight you gained. (lel)



  1. 200 NP (Small bug, eg. typo) 
  2. 400 NP 
  3. 500 NP 
  4. 800 NP 
  5. 1,000 NP (Minor bug, eg. app crash) 
  6. 3,000 NP 
  7. 5,000 NP 
  8. 8,000 NP 
  9. 10,000 NP 
  10. 15,000 NP (Critical bug, eg. crashing the server) 


During the closed alpha you are free to submit as many bugs as you can find.
We will track how many bugs you found, and how much weight you gained and reward you at the end of the closed alpha. (End date is not yet decided.)


With that said, we hope you enjoy the project, and we look forward to a successful alpha test.



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