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Draft WoE Reward Changes

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Draft rewards have been revamped to better reward players for consistent attendance. Please note that these updates have no ETA currently.


Draft Changes:

  • Draft Phase now starts at 7:15 (server time). Players must enter the drafting zone before 7:15 to participate in Draft WoE.
  • Second entry phase has been removed. 


Reward Changes:

  • Valor Badge reward for participation has been increased from 1.2k to 2k.
  • Valor Badge reward for winning draft woe has been increased from 400 to 500.
  • Updated first-time captain rewards:
    • Removed 250 Speed Potions
    • Added 3x (Bound) 1h Guyak Pudding
    • The full reward list for being a draft captain for the first time is now:
      • 5000 NP
      • 5000 Valor Badges
      • 3x (Bound) 1h Guyak Pudding
      • 1x (Bound) RWC Commemorative Pin
      • 1x MCA
  • Updated general captain rewards:
    • Removed 500 valor and 250 siege tokens
    • Added 1x (Bound) Mega Orleans
    • Added 1x (Bound) 1h Guyak Pudding
    • Added 1x (Bound) 7d Novaphone
    • The full reward list for each time a player captains after the first time is now:
      • 5000 NP
      • 1x (Bound) Mega Orleans
      • 1x (Bound) 1h Guyak Pudding
      • 1x (Bound) 7d Cellphone
  • First-time captain receives both first-time captain rewards and general captain rewards.
  • WoE Track Progression:
    • Draft WoE will now give 1 notch on your current WoE Track progression for each participation.
    • We will be adding 6 new WoE tracks to the existing system.


Warlord's Treasure II

  • We will be adding a new Warlord's Treasure II to the Siege Token shop for 100 tokens each.
  • These new Warlord's Treasure II will contain a new list of headgears.
  • All existing Warlord's Treasures at the time of the update will be converted to Warlord's Compendiums, from which players may choose if they wish to obtain Warlord's Treasure or Warlord's Treasure II.





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