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Hello I'm new in this server which classes prefer start ?

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Fisrt up, welcome to the server
Second, I can offer you a short breakdown of a few (Because I don't play everything) classes and their purposes


  • Rune Knight: These are the big boys of damage dealing, I prefer thinking of them as Blademasters because their specialty is to wreck everyone around them, they are very cheap to build and scale very well, but their true late game build (Ingition Break) is rather expensive to build, as it need 220% crit chance or so.
  • Royal Guard: The protectors of the game, not only can they tank very well for the team, being the person who will draw all the mobs to one spot to make killing easier, they can also take a more backed up stance and work as a Devotion RG, which means they will use Devotion on the main DPSs and supports, making them take most of the damage instead of said classes.

Guillotine Cross:

  • These are, in my opinion, the most newbie-friendly solo class, they don't have as much damage and have to invest a tad more than Rune Knights, but they have incredible synergy with items that restore health/mana on dealing damage (Like Rideword Hat and Incubus Pet), that is because they have very fast attacks with Rolling Cutter, which gives you a lot of chances to activate those effects, meaning you can at times regen more health than your enemies can dish out against you (If luck is on your side, that is).


  • Rangers: A damage dealer like the Guillotine Cross and Rune Knight, but geared more towards party play, they can't take much of a hit but with a decent investment, they will be killing enemies before they even get close. Their build path is rather similar to the Guillotine Cross too, meaning you can share some gear between them later on.
  • Performers (Dancer/Bard): A rather cheap to build support class, pretty much every party loves having both because the buffs they give are amazing, and later on, they can even deal quite a ton of damage as well!


  • My rat-a-tat-tat-ing boys, they are by far the cheapest class to gear up for farming the more common spots like Juperos and Gefenia, needing only a Gatling Gun and the Round Trip Skill, they are quite safe on their own because Round Trip has amazing range and pushes mobs it doesn't kill away, but if you add leech gear (Rideword and Incubus pet) you will find yourself being able to handle a lot more than what a class as frail as they should be able to. Do be aware though, they are only this great for lower-level dungeons like the ones mentioned above, higher tier farms like Rudus will need investment comparable to a Guillotine Cross (GX), only with far less effectiveness.

Arch Bishop:

  • It's THE healer, great buffs too, need I say more? (I'm not sure about the cost of the class unfortunately)


  • Mechanic: One of the top farming classes in the game, their access to a cart which allows you to carry items with no weight on yourself, as well having as an increased weight capacity and a faster speed with Madogear. Of the top two farmers, this one is the cheapest to build and is still quite effective at farming, they are only beaten by the
  • Genetic: The number one farming class, packing amazing AoE, the same bonuses as Mechanics, a summon that can make them virtually un-killable as well as being able to create items used by pretty much all classes, they are the top dog when it comes to making money. Be aware though, they are expensive to build and the items they create either require farming for the materials or buying from players, which is yet another cost. They overall require far heavier investment than the likes of Rebellion and Mechanic

I am not well versed with the other classes, but they are mostly great as well, Warlocks being great at DPS, Sorcerers being a blessing to any AB, Soul Reapers allowing a bard/dancer to become a one-person band by allowing them to use skills exclusive to the opposite gender. Overall, try to find something that suits your playstyle, if they're not as strong at farming then make a second character exclusively for that. Also always have a Merchant sell every item instead of normal characters, they get a zeny bonus with the Overcharge skill. Have fun!

Long live the knights of the queen

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Welcome, timothy!
Archbishops in Adoramus build are soooo funny and easy to play too. I love it

But, to start you ll need a class more ofensive and "farmer" to make Zenny for your headgears, for it I recommend Guilhotine Cross  with Rideword Hat and Thanatos Katar, you just hav to spining spining and spining like a Beyblade rs using Rolling Cutter skill on farm time


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