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Very Weird Thing about Shield Chain

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Hi everyone, I'd to ask fellow RG regarding shield chain cause I find something veeeerry weird about it.


So I have 2 RG characters. Both are virtually identical: same level (182/66), exactly same status, both share the exact same equipment, same skill tree, even same hair and cloth color lol. Basically they are identical twins.

The only thing different is the gender; one is male RG and the other is female RG.


But weird thing is when I use shield chain, the animation delay of male RG is sooooo slow, while the animation delay of female RG is very significantly faster. I attach the video here, please have a look guys.


I tried to figure out what might the issue but I'm quite frustrated now.

It shouldn't be ping issue, cause I tried it like 9999 times and always see the same result.

It also shouldn't be my click speed issue, cause I use turbo mode "2" to spam the shield chain.


Please check t he videos out guys. Does anyone know why is this? Is  this a bug or glitch or something?

Or is it gender discrimination lol.

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regardless of gender an unmounted RG has a faster animation than a mounted one. You have the clicker On on your female thats why you perceived it to be faster but generally Regardless of gender both have the same animation speed mounted. And both must have a faster animation unmounted






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Saw some videos (Mumbalance i think) talking about this kind of "thing". Like male/female having some wierd animation delay differences. In the video case, was female/male creator having this issue. But maybe RG got that too.

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