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Christmas event feedback

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Thank you for bringing Christmas event to Novaro.

I immensely enjoyed snowy Prontera, it's beautiful ^^


Thank you for "Goblin Gift Grab - Stolen Supplies" chain of quests. It was pretty short and I was overjoyed to receive "Christmas Musicbox" at the end of the quest. It was indeed playing "Christmas Carol" music (though needed to turn off BGM to hear it), it's nice ^^ Also I got free Santa Hats from Christmas Goblins and free Cookie Bags with lots of deliciousness ^^


"Retrieving Gifts" quest was grindy >_< To gather 100 red, blue, green stolen gifts was a torture. Especially green stolen gifts, Cookie monsters loved to heal event mobs and several Myst Cases always confused me with Mysterious Gift event mob :) But I got 4 costume hats, so it was nice in the end. I suspect it was intended to hunt 20 stolen gifts of each color once at least per day and not in one session :)


But "Santa's Supply Shipment", where you need to deliver gifts into homes instead of Santa was insane hahaha These 5 houses...house with dogs was a struggle. Well, it was fun in the end, but I won't do hard mode >_< Gifts in the end were nice, I got White Ribbon Scarf, thank you ^^


Frosty's Frenzy Games are amusing and great, I really enjoy them, except Wordmill. Couldn't get more than 30 points >_< But still other games are fun and sometimes I get 2 present from one game! Also it's a great that other players can uses someone's Mysterious Gift mob's portal, it's a nice and thoughtful touch ^^


Snowball fight is great! It's super fun, but short (4 rounds are not enough, I want more :) ) and fact that I receive Santa's gifts no matter if I win or lose is a nice touch, also Jolly Sock give me extra gifts, so it's great!


In over-all it's my first Christmas event on NovaRO and I'm really enjoying it ^^ Great job /thx

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:wub:I agree

Maybe the veterans don't care about it, because for them, all seasons and Commemorative Periods is already used. But, I really need to agree with you. This server is so receptive with beginners players.

/riceThese Mini-Games, these quests, theres always many alternative forms to enjoy the periods. Also I loved Halloween events, Christmass its being my frist time on NovaRO too, and of course, I m enjoying so much again.

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It's my first time experiencing christmas on NovaRO and I really have to say, all the mini games and events are super smooth and awesomely made. 

I am super impressed with the "Santa's Supply Shipment Quest". All the houses are unique and even have features you wouldn't expect in RO. If you try that quest in hardcore mode, it is somewhat challenging aswell. 


Keep it up <3!

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