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NovaCompanion going LIVE, come test! - Android (Alpha, for real now !!)

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Hello! Norm here.


It has been some time since I've updated you on the current status of the NovaCompanion. Truth be told, the project was pushed to the bottom rack, both due to my studies as well as other projects taking priority, so it isn't really a wonder. I am however very sorry about the delay. Alongside the previously mentioned, as necessary as internal improvements and changes to the app infrastructure were, they did not help in this regard, and instead only further exarcerbated the tremendously long waiting time that you experienced. I greatly apologize for this.


Now that I'm back at it and have picked up the project from its dusty shelf in order to give it some love and to continue its development, the more urgent I find my need for more alpha testers. The contribution of every existing tester is regarded highly and I am very sorry that you had to wait for so long. Yet as the total number of willing testers had massively shrunk due to the delays, and because this is the sort of thing where more is merrier, I would like to invite as many players as possible to take part. The more people there are on board, the sooner I'm able to release NovaCompanion. So if you are at all interested or intriqued (hopefully both), let me know because your feedback on the app is important.


If you want to help testing then > CLICK HERE <

You have to be in the NovaRO discord (https://discord.gg/NovaRO) and your message has to include: 


  1. In-game account name(s):
  2. Discord Tag:
  3. Mobile device information (brand, model, android version):
  4. Forum account name:


If any of this information is missing you can not get access!


I also want to remind you that the Bug bounty program is still available.

We will give out up to 70.000 NP during the closed alpha! The amount of Nova Points you will receive depends on how many bugs you report or how valuable your input was.
Bugs and feature ideas have to be submit via the forums bug tracker.
Each bug report or feature idea will get a "weight" assigned. Your reward is then calculated based on the weight you gained.  (lel)



  • 200 NP (Small bug, eg. typo) 
  • 400 NP 
  • 500 NP 
  • 800 NP 
  • 1,000 NP (Minor bug, eg. app crash) 
  • 3,000 NP 
  • 5,000 NP 
  • 8,000 NP 
  • 10,000 NP 
  • 15,000 NP (Critical bug, eg. crashing the server) 


During the closed alpha you are free to submit as many bugs as you can find.
We will track how many bugs you found, and how much weight you gained and reward you at the end of the closed alpha. (End date is not yet decided.)


Link to the original post: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/11931-nova-companion-android-closed-alpha/




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  • Norm changed the title to NovaCompanion going LIVE, come test! - Android (Alpha, for real now !!)

NovaCompanion Patchnotes Update - Version Frontend v0.2.1 &  v0.2.2


I would like to thank everyone who took part in making further improvements with our NovaCompanion app, because of this we were able to identify and further develop our app's functionality. 


The following list indicates the bugs and improvements that were identified:



Task Functionality:

  •  [NC-143] - Configure navigation for webview
  •  [NC-160] - Market Search function overhaul
  •  [NC-169] - Multi slot headgear not working.
  •  [NC-172] - Clear in-app browser cookies on logout

Identified Bugs:

  •  [NC-154] - Market --> clear history doesn't work.
  •  [NC-158] - Upgrades are not shown in the inventory of the app
  •  [NC-173] - Hyperlinks not working
  •  [NC-174] - Add and Manage Account only work on the Home Menu
  •  [NC-175] - Going back to News or Buy NP from Forum or Bug Tracker break the side menu
  •  [NC-176] - Can't go back to character home page after seeing News or Buy NP
  •  [NC-177] - Duplicate of item in the market
  •  [NC-178] - On the inventory and Market page, only click on the name or icon work, not the whole row
  •  [NC-181] - When you are on the forum page and go to wiki, you can't go back to forum



Task Functionality:

  • [NC-182] - Change Appbar and Bottombar behaviour


Please clear your App cache & storage. After clearing the app should update to the newest version automatically. 

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NovaCompanion Patchnotes Update - Version Frontend v0.3.0


Hello everyone! Here's a short list of things that has been updated for our NovaCompanion mobile app. Although a rather short list, but heavy duty work was made to further improve our app. If you are able to identify bugs and things that needs improving, you are all welcome to file a bug report in our "Bug Tracker" section or message us in the "NovaCompanion" channel in our NovaRO Discord Server. Thank you!


Task Functionality:

  • [NC-180] - Removed "Buy NP" from sidebar


Identified Bugs:

  • [NC-184] - Fixed a bug where the character selection did not load.
  • [NC-188] - Getting stuck on Market page with bottom bar disappearance.
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