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Why Nova Ragnarok Online staff dont open a Ragnarok Zero content ?

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Hello everyone, I have been playing the Nova Ragnarok Online server for a while and for me it is the best 3rd server today. I would like to ask remembering this is not a suggestion just a question to the developers of the server if they would not be interested in opening another server of ragnarok zero. I know it must be even more work with a server so full and with content so new needs of players and etcs .. But maybe I already answered myself, but I need to know an answer of the own to calm my heart, because ragnarok zero also in a way and the future and the reset of ragnarok. so i don't think it's really bad at least to plan for the future a possibility of opening a zero ragnarok server that will surpass all those that already exist as well as the official ones with gm adms etc all very well trained. anyway if you can just answer me (I say again is not a suggestion but just a question)

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