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Newcomer Inbound!

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Hi! I'm Trevor (IGN: MrRoboto) and I'm new to NovaRO. I've been playing Ragnarok Online since 2006 starting out on the original iRO Classic then eventually discovering private RO servers. (RMS for the win?). I've played mostly on TalonRO, GarmRO, DarkforceRO, and now here on NovaRO. I hope to possibly meet old friends and make new ones. If you see me in-game, feel free to say hello.


If anyone has any tips on how to get started or know of any quests I can undertake as a new player, please share them here or direct me where to look. I'd greatly appreciate it. I look forward to playing with you all.

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Best Regards,



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Heya MrRoboto!


Welcome to NovaRO and we hope you enjoy your stay here with us. Check out our wiki page for guides that you may need in-game. Also try to use #support channel if you need to ask any in-game related stuff. See you around and happy gaming! :delphipeace:

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Ahh your name makes me think of a song by Styx! Domo arigatô, Mr. Roboto... /heh

I connect it to this positively ancient Densha Otoko OVA with carrots (that I'm not able to find anywhere right now, but I distinctly remember the carrots).


Welcome to our server, MrRoboto! I hope you'll enjoy your stay and have plenties of fun!

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