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Eden Academy: Kill Weak Skeletons

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Was searching for this for quite some time, but I just started a new character to test out the new Eden Academy and compare it to the old Tutorials and such, but on the first mission (after getting done at moms and then traveling to new Izulde) i talk to Maggie Arth and she shows me how to use the Navigation (which, yea I know it's sortta broke) and gives me the mission to kill weak skeletons, I put in the name and the mob pops up but the navagation leads me to the eden map id' as treasure_n1and it wants me to go to the warper npc but leads me to an old location im guessing... well least to say th emap was actually Izulde Wreakage map and every thing is solid.... I just want to put this somewhere so if a brand new player wanted to do the tutorials from this new Eden Academy they can atleast find this incase they get stuck like me.

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The navi leading to the old Warper position is a bug (I already submitted a bug report for this).

But the NPC does tell you that using the navigation will show information in the chat window, and the navigation does tell you to go to Warper > Dungeons > Izlude Wreckage in the chat.

So I think the tutorial is complete by itself.

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Hello, I've downloaded NovaROFull_20220201 and it seems to have patched fully. I also had Warper NPC in @go eden disappear at first, there was a warper icon, but not a clickable NPC sprite. Now it seems to load in normally.

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On 8/3/2022 at 5:47 AM, bobyor said:

I am not sure about that, I have made an account today, and it is working exactly as described in head post. 



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Not anymore.

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