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Noob needs help with crusader.


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Hello everyone.


I play Ragnarok back in 2005 and had priest ad GC crusader.


I just found this server and was trying to find some information on GC crusader and third level job but nothing make sense to me.


What do GC Crusader change job into?  Link to any builds I can follow once I choose my third job?


hope someone can help me


Thank you

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The most common build for 3rd jobs crusaders is still the full tank one with devotion, however nowdays there are DPS builds with melee dmg, ranged dmg and even magic dmg. The melee one being imo the best among the 3 with overbrand as your main skill like the guy above said.


From 2005 to today A LOT has changed and it will be hard for you to follow up on all the changes, but a good place to start would be reading the nova wiki, it may not be 100% up to date but it has many good infos for you to read and, since you are interested in crusader, a good place to start would be here;



Keep in mind that it is not the same game that you played back in the days.


Btw if you are interested in priest as well, it would be easier to find partys as a priest in the beginning since it requires much less gear to be useful, making it a better choice to start with.




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As a RG i regret to tell you, lots of the skills you would like to depend on are "fixed", and you will need specific gears to make them "normal" again.
Sometimes i believe they have something agains RG.

Now if you´re new to RO and you want to level up in a good way, try to follow the new Eden Quest, and get the gear... it will really help; good luck.  

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