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Help Building a Star Emperor


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Hey guys, I've decided to build Taekwon. First I tried a Reaper, gave up because found Soul Linker really boring. So, I went to the other side.


And OMG THAT'S EVERYTHING I'VE ALWAYS WANTED AND MORE. It's what I wish Sura would be but I have way more fun. Even the Sun Moon Stars mechanic. *chefs kiss*


I reached SE yesterday, plan on building Moon because I read it has more consistency.


But every guide I see is either really old or don't show the Taekwon skills.


My questions:


1- Anyone could help with a skill tree or recommended equips list? Status I plan on going 120 dex, 90 str, 80 vit, 90 luck and anything else in agi.


2- The Sun Moon Stars Union skill is still bugged to this day. I tried to do the workaround minimizing the skill list but I still can't activate it. Is this skill useful or can I simply skip it?


3- The blind skill that I forgot the name. Is it worth it to get it on level 10 and the Perception skill to cancel the debuff? Or should I use those 11 points in anything else?


4- I know I won't need it anymore since I got Document and can realign the maps whenever. But I couldn't find the reset npc. Does he exist? Did they take him away? This one is mostly for new players that could have the same problems as me when leveling up.


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1. I'm not too familiar with moon build so can't assist with exact skill tree and equip list but would recommend joining the NovaRO discord and joining the #taekwon chat to get detailed info on that. But in terms of basic gear, you can probably start with the eden academy gear (https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Eden_Academy). The noblesse, imperial, and grace gear is very solid at the start. As you progress, you can convert to clark sidecap, sloth text, automatic armor, temporal manteau, happiness giver+mistress of shalltear card combo, boiling phen+greater broken gardener beta+special alnoldi card combo, etc.
2. Union is not bugged. You need to be linked by a Soul Reaper or Soul Linker in order for the skill to be used. It is a very useful skill since it makes all your skills crit and bypass 100% defense of monsters but keep in mind that this will drain your health per hit if you use it so it is used mainly in PVP and short fights in PVM rather than long term farming
3. IMO yes, its worth it since it's not like you're lacking in the skill point department
4. No clue on this one


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