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Where is @Barry?


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Where is @Barry

Server users can understand that there´s life other than RO, i myself usually play at office, however the PVP-BG-WOE seems in a big hurry of attention.

So tell me how many pentagrams painted in blood we need to draw and how many goats does the server need to sacrifice to summon him.

- Pvp unranked arena: needs to be removed or an overhaul:  damage reductions should be as ranked 
- Pvp Ranked arena: How about a system that rewards time as No. 1 up to No. 5 in map (don´t know, just giving ideas) or maybe a @pvptrack 
- Battlegrounds: the system allows you to play, but we have to recognize that some jobs are dealing too much damage 
- WoE: with the best will of helping the server... add at least 1 woe and 10 Battlegrounds to weekly Quest. (or just 1 woe) 

So the reason of this topic is... we need inf.  


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