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Level 4 weapons sucess refine chance when +10 or higher

Gabriel M.

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So after 4th job update something seems wrong with the refine chances of Level 4 weapons that are +10 or higher. Before the update I only 'damaged' a +10 or higher weapon ONCE when refining, but after the update I tried to refine only 2 Lv 4 weapons and broke them a total of 3 times. Also important to notice that I gave up trying +15 them because the success chances feels so LOW right now.


Of course this accounts to basically nothing, it's just me having super bad luck, or that is what I thought.


I talked to 5 other people that trying refining and none of them succeded in getting a +15 refine, also 3 of them damaged their weapons when trying to refine. Again this can literally be just a group of people having bad luck when refining, it just that this all seems very weird.


I'm opening this discussion to hear from other players if they are also having this 'bad luck' when refining Level 4 weapons to +10 or higher refine rates. And also if this is happening to other people, maybe the staff can check if something it really wrong with the refine rates of those weapons, because we got a new refine system for level 5 weapons and maybe something happened with the chances of the Level 4 weapons?


Again, this can all be nothing and everything is fine with the game, it's just that feels kinda weird when other players are also having this 'problem'. So this discussion is to hear from people if i'm just :pepperderp: or if something is really off with the refine.

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I tested in Lab.

success/try = success% (official%)
10-->11 38/50 = 76% (80%)
11-->12  56/95 = 59% (50%)
12-->13  19/76 = 25% (30%)
13-->14  5/24 =21%  (30%)
14-->15  1/9 = 11% (20%)

Need more Data!

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On 12/30/2022 at 12:46 PM, Leinarth said:

I recently spent 3b to go from +15 to +16 so I get what you feel (another friend had some refine issues as well), but I'm pretty sure if someone in the staff did such scummy move on the code, it would probably not go unseen (at least I hope ?)

Not only would we have no reason to make such a change, but it would be extremely obvious in the changes to the code and one of the many people with access to said code would bring it up immediately. I write here just to make it 100% clear that we did not change refine chances for level 4 weapons. I am absolutely certain this is just a case of very limited anecdotal evidence, combined with the fact that as humans we tend to exaggerate and remember the negative feelings of failure when it comes to luck much more drastically than the positive ones. The client literally shows you the backend success chance.


I'd ask you to be more careful about how you phrase these types of statements, as read by the wrong people they could be very badly interpreted and quickly lead to a variety of false rumors spreading and scaring people who don't know any better.

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I am literally taking your defense and saying the staff wouldn't be able to do this without no one in the team knowing. I just added a pinch of "probably/hope" unsure lexical terms to my statement because I am not part of the staff and thus cannot vouch for anything as a player.

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