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What to choose?


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Hi guys,

I'm new to this server and an ancient one at ragnarok online, but way to old ( before renewal )

I checked a few guides for RK but i have a hard time to choose and i was also wandering if there are some custom items of other stuff on this server that i should consider for a build?


I hesitate betwin auto attack and the runes activation etc or Dragon breath.

I saw some things but i'm afraid it's not up to date right now.

I'm actually lvl 120 and just starting so my fund are very limited.


Thanks a lot if you're helping and i welcome all critics if you want :)

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thanks a lot, i was with the hundred spear skill on a "custom" build and i'm dealing only like 80k so i'm looking for another viable thing.

I will do that and keep updated with the progress.

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RK is very good to start with, but a valuable tip... if u are looking for performance dont go fo Dragon Breath, auto atacks, hundred spear or any of the current 4th job skills builds.


Wind Cutter to begin then move to IB when you gather some funds.


In some cases you can MAYBE argue that a Sonic Wave buid fits, but i would stick to IB all the way.




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