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(EN/PT) Questions and transparency.

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(text was translated from portuguese via AI. To see the original version check here)
 Hello again! One of the things I mentioned in my last post was about doubt and transparency about new content. In this post I want to do exactly that: Ask.
 I have some doubts about some content and would like to know what your views, difficulties and goals are regarding them. Lets get out of the usual "when" question. Here we go:


Where is Tomb of Remorse?

 One of the instances that came along with the “package” of fourth classes and that has many interesting items for the meta, is still a mystery to us. I believed that these instances would come one by one, following the way the other two were released, but TOR ended up being left out. Today, we have no idea what to expect, and personally, I have a certain fear that the instance will come in a way that won’t please us. I presume that due to the delay you guys are working on something different.
 What are the plans for TOR? Why the delay?
 And what about other official content such as the new Clock Tower?


Objectives regarding customized official content

 As we have seen, some official content has ended up having several changes. I don’t believe that these changes are bad, because we know that the (g word) doesn’t always (but almost always) get it right. But that doesn’t change the fact that some may be a bit weird for many. I wish we had more transparency about these changes in official content, since I believe it is very important for us to understand what their objectives are with them, so that we can give some opinion about them, because not all changes can be obvious to everyone.
 What were your goals with the change in Villa of Deception?
 Do you intend to change some content such as Costume Stones?


Concepts, ideas and transparency about original content

 Something that gave a lot to talk about, for sure was AJ4. Leaving all opinions aside, what I noticed with the last release was that few players really gave their opinions or tested it before its arrival. With that, I would like to ask what are your goals regarding the next custom contents, more specifically the Guild System. What we have in Labs is still very little for us to be sure.
 What are the ideas for each point of the new system? What will the new instance bring?
 Will all types of guilds benefit in some way?




 I know that many things may still be uncertain about new content and we understand that it may be too early to comment on some things. We also understand that some of these things may be commented on in future posts in more detail. The purpose of this post is to have answers about uncertain things and to have some context about content in development.
 Also, sorry for being annoying lmao. Keep up with the great work as always Love you guys.

Thank you.


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Hello! John here!


Really one of the points that most discouraged me since the arrival of the AJ4 was the Instance of Ep 18 that was severely modified compared to the official one. It had some nice changes, but the bad points outweigh the good. I'm afraid of the lack of communication from the GMs about future updates of official content and that they are modified unnecessarily, one thing is to change the values of drops and life and another is to remove items that should drop when completing / killing the boss...
I hope they are more open with their audience about future official content updates and that their modifications are less harsh as was the case with Vila of decption.
I only ask that you have more communication with the community in a comprehensive way, since Nova does not like the idea of the roadmap...a very useful thing....but anyway I hope that in the future more information will be shared with the community so that good feedback is delivered so that the contents are enjoyable for most players!

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We had been focused on other projects, and it just so happens we started working on Tomb of Remorse last Tuesday. As we managed to complete it all quite quickly, it's implemented now.

Our goals regarding the villas have already been explained across separate responses to suggestions made. I invite you to search through my replies to find those, if you're unable to, I can help you find those posts, but I think they'll be easy to find.

We are not ready to share more information regarding the Guild Mission System at this time.


Hope that answers most of your questions.

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