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This ain't some elaborate April Fool's joke, innit?


If it's not well dang guess I gotta learn to read moon runes

(On hiatus since October 2018)

I am Reno (#2186) on NovaRO Discord. Feel free to pop by and say hi!

GMT +0. English + Bahasa Indonesia OK.

I wrote Full Support and Exorcist Arch Bishop guides in NovaRO Wiki.

I hang out and sometimes run instances with Pied Piper.

If you're new to Ragnarok Online, Renewal, or to NovaRO, these will come in handy for you:

FAQ | ASPD Calculator | Leveling Guide | Homunculus + Azzy AI Tutorial | Troubleshooting Crashes & Errors


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SO... Here it is...? 


Edit: Who's excited to try it out? I might give it a try... when I'm commuting places. It's in Chinese though... I wonder when or if their will be an English version... if so we'll probably be waiting a LONG time.




A little more information:


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