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Kayle Walker

Character: Kayle Walker

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Name: Kayle Walker

Gender: Female

Race: Norman

Organization: Whale Company, Pet Society

Role: Contact (for the Whales), Odd jobs worker, Detective, Banana Peddler


Physical Description: 5'5, looks to be in her 20s, with a regular build. Normally has long, red hair, but is usually dyed/changed depending on the job. 


Personality: Whimsical and carefree, but also lazy and easily de-motivated. Despite her lukewarm disposition, she still manages to get off her bum when something catches her fancy, or when a friend is in need. She also has a love for all things cute.


Known Strengths:

  • She has a way with words
  • Knowledgeable
  • Has a certain affinity with monsters (in particular, taming them)
  • Some of her monster companions are pretty reliable

Known Weaknesses:

  • Horrible, horrible luck with money (and she's a merchant)
  • By herself, is not very good in combat
  • Her Green Maiden's eating habits are a source of concern.

Known Property:

  • Seemingly endless supply of food for pets
  • Assorted equipment for part-time jobs


Known Acquaintances: A few fellow pet tamers, and contacts from her odd jobs.

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Kayle's Monster Companions:


Name: Watson
Gender: Female
Race: Bacsojin
Organization: Kayle's Shop, Various Businesses
Role: Accountant-for-hire, Empress of Louyang (formerly), Leader of Louyang Monsters (formerly)


Physical Description: A tall, beautiful woman. Has elaborate, black hair, and prefers wearing white gowns.
Personality: Treated as royalty by both Normans and monsters, she can't help but act like one. She likes ordering people (Kayle) around, and tends to be dishonest with her feelings. Has a soft spot for her fellow monsters, and is easily triggered by actions that harm them. Spoils Chung-E a lot.


Known Strengths: She is classified as one of the greater monsters of Midgard, so she can handle herself in a fight. She can also sense and interfere with other irregular beings. Is good with book-keeping skills.
Known Weaknesses: Abhors violence as a whole. She is also overprotective of those close to her.



Name: Chung-E
Gender: Female
Race: Green Maiden
Organization: Kayle's Shop
Role: Alberta Mascot, Alberta's No. 1 Shopkeeper


Physical Description: A petite girl in an oriental dress. She has beady eyes, and brown hair tied up into buns.
Personality: Bubbly and simple. A carefree creature, she tends to make friends easily. Occasionally says outrageous things (unintentionally).


Known Strengths: Can eat a lot. She can chew through some hard stuff. Is cute by all standards.
Known Weaknesses: Can eat a lot. Her eating habits are a concern in many ways.

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