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Character: FX F r e i t a s

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Name: Felipe X. Freitas (as known by Freitas or Just FX)

Gender: Male

Race: Norman

Organization: Ressaca sem Fim

Role: Personal Bodyguard of The Guild Leader.


Physical Description: Has Brown Hair and Eyes, wear a golden Rebellion Uniform with cute Fox Ears and a fake Baby Pacifier.

Personality: A very calm gunslinger, even looking for anything to do, when you see him you can't feel nothing coming from his expression, but something say to you he is a good person.


Known Strenghts: When wearing his Shotgun and Grenade Launcher, he is the front line of the guild, protecting the other members and sending information about the battle. When Wearing the Pistols, He stand Back covering the VIP Members, no one can stand close of them. Can speak 3 languages, Portuguese, English and Casteliano (But in this one he is not that good).

Known Weakness: He Thrust so much on his weapons and does not have much defensive tatics, when the enemy dodge his bullets he quickly mount his peco and start to stand back when alone, But in group, he thurst in his friends and try to stay alive by much as he can be.

Known Propriety: He doesn't carry anything valuable, for Weight purposes, his great treasure is a small egg containing his Dullahan, the Faithful Pet.


Known Acquaintances: Friend from Casa do Pão de Queijo Guild, Live Brasilis is his hometown, but he stay more time in Gonryun, helping the lost Brazilians souls who encountered this place to regain their strenght. As said before he is the Bodyguard of his guild leader, Takumy, she is his little sister, and a great Priestess, for his luck, she stay more time taking care of Democratic things than in battle, Both Together founded the Ressaca sem Fim Guild, the purpose of the guild is make the small group of Friends stronger, His brother Guillyan, Another Gunslinger Carry a big Gattling Gun but stay weaker than his big brother, Stiffler Master (aka Mike), is a valuable Ranger of the guild, best friend of Guillyan, without him all battle tatics goes to a hole, Avagreed, Brother of Stiffle, The geneticist, works as Cook Chef and chemical master, the secondary damage role and crowd control.




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I'd recommend trimming down to essentials there, my friend! Let's let your roleplaying teach us these things about your character's biography rather than listing it all here. These sheets are only to display bare essentials. :)

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