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Character: Wofooka

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Name: Wofooka (nicknames: Weak, Wof)
Gender: Male
Race: Norman
Organization: EneKids
Role: Mage Super Novice, co-founder of the EneKids


Physical Description: Wears the typical super novice outfit. Has blonde hair but is dyed red. Has deep blue eyes. He looks pale and sickly, but is (subjectively) good-looking. Age is around 12-13.
Personality: Easily impressed, excitable, and happy-go-lucky. This masks his calm, composed and analytical nature.


Known Strengths: Can use a wide variety of basic magic spells. His addiction to monsters makes him somewhat of a walking monster compendium
Known Weaknesses: Easily shaken and stirred when things get tough, gets mentally exhausted rather quickly
Known Property: A gold-colored staff
Known Acquaintances: Ralingwight

Edited by Rakugaki

Rakugaki's theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtLq8wj0p80




TooMuchFlee.jpg.20ad19f1031f2fe1bacab5ec0aa8371f.jpg It's just flee. Please ignore.

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