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Character: Enma Fuyuko

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Name: Enma Fuyuko 
Gender: Female
Race: Norman
Organization: N/A
Role: Traveler


Physical Description: 5' 1". Her ancestors come from Amatsu. She has pale and flawless skin, which is a surprise since she's already traveled to over 30 cities within the realm. She is physically fit. Her eyes have a beady, black color. She changes her hair style, and hair color regularly. She is in her early twenties.
Personality: She has a laid-back, and chill personality. She gets bored easily, and is known to travel from one town to another once she's in this state. She also has a peculiar sense of spontaneity and impulsiveness when it comes to the quests she takes, the travels she makes, and the things she buys. She is very fond of hats and cute things.


Known Strengths: She gets along with the people she meets in her travels easily. She never experiences motion sickness. She has a very sharp eye in combat. She moves fast for her sluggish, and lazy demeanor. She's very resourceful. She's known to keep her composure in dire circumstances.
Known Weaknesses: She's always smoking, gets bored easily, is an impulsive buyer, can't save up for things that are worthwhile, is almost broke every time, cannot seem to set her priorities straight with her spontaneity, is often seen as insensitive as she's rarely anxious.
Known Property: She always carries her family's heirloom, an ancient bow, and a spotted bouncy ball that she got from a kid she helped in Brasilis. 
Known Acquaintances: N/A

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