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Kayle Walker

Character: August Lee

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Name: August Lee
Gender: Male
Race: Norman  
Organization: Odin Orthodoxy (former)
Role: Monk (former), Vagabond, Bouncer


Physical Description: 6’2, with a broad-shouldered, athletic build. His hair is unkempt, usually tied back in a pitiable attempt at a hairstyle.

Personality: He acts how he looks, but is not the entirety of his persona. Hot-headed and crude in manner and speech, he’s one built for action than words, and makes a lot of mistakes in the process. But even so, he has a strong regard for other people’s well-being, and will defend what he feels is right, rules or odds be damned.


Known Strengths: Physically imposing, pretty much everything that a Monk can potentially be in one’s mind.
Known Weaknesses: His hotheadedness usually has him end up in fights and misunderstandings. His confidence in his frame also leads him to fight rather than flee, block rather than dodge.

Known Property: Not much. He's a vagabond for the most part. Even his weapons don’t last long with him (Because they break)

Known Acquaintances: Not a lot. He’s not exactly Mr. Sunshine and Sparkles.

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