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Character: Lyndell Valix

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Name: Lyndell Valix (Lyndell, Lyn)
Gender: M
Race: Norman
Organization: Prontera Church (Currently no Guild affiliations) 
Role: Newly acquired priesthood 


Physical Description: On the shorter side, small build. Short light colored hair cut, or rather chopped. He did it himself, and swears it doesn't look bad.
Personality: Kindhearted and gullible with a bit of naiveté. Loves to make new friends.


Known Strengths: Quick to help those in need. Reliable.
Known Weaknesses: Doesn't do well under pressure, unsure and often second guesses himself. Thinks poorly of himself, though he tries his best to hide it.
Known Property: Thrust into this adventure with only the equipment on his body. 
Known Acquaintances: None currently


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