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Character: Muenzuka

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Name: Muenzuka
Gender: Female
Race: Norman
Organization: n/a
Role: Painter


Physical Description: 5’7, around 21 years old, and has a curvy figure. Has short blonde hair with a fringe covering her right eye.
Personality: Mischievous and eccentric, but unusually calm during certain times.


Known Strengths:

·         Agile

·         Quick-witted

·         Able to work with traps

Known Weaknesses:

·         Deathly afraid of Spiders or any type of bug in general. Mostly Spiders.

·         Easily bribed with food.

·         Easily intimidated by taller people.

Known Property:

·         A Hidden Stiletto

·         Paint, Brushes, and some paper that she pulls out of nowhere.

Known Acquaintances: Old friends that move from city to city.


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