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Heya guys,


I was messing around with the client a bit more and I added a new feature that allows you to change your font to anything you want ingame (assuming the font exists on your computer). 


Simply open NovaRO\RagnaShield\import_config.ini and edit the file to anything you want. For example:

Font.Size: 18
Font.Family: Comic Sans MS



Other information:

  • Fixes the fullscreen mode making your font blurry.
  • Fixes the "Your game exe is not the latest version" error for some players.


It may also be possible for players to use specific character sets. Meaning it might be possible to use Cyrillic characters, assuming you set the font properly. I haven't been successful with this, however you need to change your local settings to the appropriate language (and I didn't have Russian installed). Make sure you set the Font.CharSet to DEFAULT_CHARSET (by default, it is set to ANSI_CHARSET). If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll remove this part @@.



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