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Character: Jabberwock

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Name: Jabberwock
Gender: Male
Race: Norman (who's Norman?)
Organization: Assist
Role: To not.... assist....


Physical Description: He's as tall as four Porings stacked together! Has white wavy hair. His face is covered by a mask and googles (for reasons) and is wearing a classy hat (with a Teddy Bear living in it!). He's wearing his white and red (faded) uniform that looks quite rugged (if you look closely) and is carrying a cart full of Porings!~
Personality: Eccentric and egocentric! Mmyes... those are different words.


Known Strengths: He is known to be able to flip tables and chairs, and also throw out incoherent and abusive words to confuse the enemy!
Known Weaknesses: Such a frail person, he can't take much of any physical abuse or the magical sort!
Known Property: A cursed hammer (that tries to eat his mind and soul), a cursed bunny doll (that he abuses to his heart's content), and a Teddy Bear that lives in his hat (it keeps him sane... so he says).
Known Acquaintances: There are very little that really wants to "hanging out" with this Jabberwock, but if there are some they'll be DULY noted.

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