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Character: Ingram

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Name: Ingram
Gender: Male
Race: Norman
Organization: Swordsman's Guild
Role: Trainee
Physical Description: Ingram stands as tall as a 5'8" oak tree, with eyes that resemble dark brown eyes. His hair is a mess, the length stopping just about his neck and a shade of brown. Ingram easily looks like he's barely pushing into his later teens.


Personality: Humble and honest--perhaps to a fault--Ingram sets a rather fine example of what one would exactly expect from a Swordsman fresh out of the academy, with big dreams and even bigger goals he shows tenacity when he's needed at the vanguard of any situation but deplorable when it comes to tact.
Known Strengths
+A hard worker when given direction.
+Amicable with those he meets.
+Loves puns.


Known Weaknesses:
-Honesty isn't always the best policy.
-Loves puns.

-Possesses the density of a dying sun.


Known Property: The clothes on his back and the gear in his backpack.
Known Acquaintances: His fellow guildmates, to variable degrees.

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