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Character: Milhan Governil

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Name: Milhan Governil
Gender: Male
Race: Norman
Organization: Prontera Chivalry
Role: Paladin


Physical Description: Milhan is maybe not as sturdy as some of the other Crusaders and Paladins, but what he lacks in bulk, he makes up in charisma and an ever-curious gaze. He wears his long white hair in a ponytail so it will not get into the way of his duty. He wears his shield and sword with pride.
Personality: He is kind and inquisitive, but also fiercely loyal to a fault. It might take some time to earn his friendship, but once you're there, he'll be there for you. He has traveled around on his own for the last few years, which made him a bit more detached than before; it's clear he's seen things that changed him.


Known Strengths: Intelligence, Persistence,  a more than fair understanding of divine magic and demonology.
Known Weaknesses: Less sturdy than he would like to be, Stubborn at times.
Known Property: His equipment, which is fairly standard for someone in his job.
Known Acquaintances: Pronteran Chivalry,

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