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Not Zoo Me

Character: Shiny Mudkip

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Name: She-who-must-not-be-named (A.K.A. Shiny Mudkip)
Gender: Female
Race: Norman
Organization: Pokemon In Real Life, One of the potential suspects for the extinction of the Great Duneyrr(#DuneyrrLivesMatter)
Role: Academy Scholar, Avid Pokemon Fan, CEO (of her own company... she's also the secretary... and an employee... okay it's not a company, it's a small group... okay, a VERY small club... ALRIGHT IT'S JUST A GUILD STORAGE, JEEZ)
Physical Description:

  • 1.60m (5' 3") in height
  • Somewhat slender
  • Doesn't tell anyone but she's probably around her early 20's
  • Has long sky-blue hair(tries to mimic her favorite fictional monster) Bob-cut hair, dyed in light purple(still trying to mimic her favorite fictional monster)
  • Always looks tired/sleepy.


Personality: Somewhat a perfectionist, though sometimes she can be a bit klutz herself. Curious but meticulous. Often has difficulty in expressing herself. Loves quiet places to read books. She also tends to be quite reticent most of the time. Melancholic but pretends otherwise.
Known Strengths: Procrastinating, Can take a nap LITERALLY anywhere she wants, can take in high amount of caffeine(for all-nighters[adventure and/or academic purposes]), extremely good at math, strong against fire-types, rock-types, and ground-types
Known Weaknesses: Research, Fluffeh Cats, MVP Earthquakes, and Reflect Shield
Known Property: A wardrobe full of costumes, and tons of adventuring supplies
Known Acquaintances: Monster Hunting people, a lewd person, a good guy named Lucifer(irony), a bully minstrel, loads of friendly merchants, poison bottle dealers, experienced minstrels, competent guillotine crosses, an endless list of great people, and a cute Doram named Lulucar

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[Plays Ragnarok = 90% AFK]


>> MVP Earthquake should be banned <<

>> Pokemon in real life<<

>> GX Master Race <<

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