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[ENG] Ravage - WoE 1 Guild

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I've been a long time RO player for more than 8+ years, my earliest memory that I remember of RO was being excited about "transcended" classes being released and all the hype that went around it. It has been a long journey to get to this point, and it's all been thanks to the people who I've shared those precious moments. I've played for many guilds throughout the years, in different servers, some of these guilds that I've grown fond memories of are Symphony, SNL, king me, Suicide Squad, Savage(I love you luffinho), G.O.A.T. + other guilds that I've been part of but none have hit home like all of these have.

 On nova however, I've been a long time player, I've got the chance to lead, organize guilds, pvp tourney, PvM grindl0rd, I've pretty much done it all on this server (I even have a sweet 2016 summer championship trophy!)

The guilds that I've mentioned have taught me something very important, and that is a strong sense of community, without the people in them, the passion to play and better oneself wouldn't be there.

This is my ticket to invite you to be part of something big, something whereas we get the chance to play together in these WoE's we all can become better at not only at the game but overall as people.

Guild Requirements -
-Be able to accept criticism - You will get a lot of it and that's the first step to becoming a better player
-Be respectful to others - If you lack the decency to treat others properly, then I simply don't want you in here
-Have fun

-Be competitive and willing to learn

Currently looking for:


Rune Knight




Other classes are welcome to join as well, and I'll see how we can compromise and switch people around if need be

Guild Town will be Midgard Camp (go 26)

Message me on discord if interested 











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This is really great, Deegs. It's being hard to see all the same guilds getting the castle over and over without any competitivite (at least for me). Unfortunately I sold all my gears to make a Warlock. Maybe I can join in the future. :)

Best of luck.

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