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Starter Class Suggestion

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Depends of what type of game you like more:



Good damage overall, focused on short ranged attacks, both upper classes are good, good hp pool, good damage, not THAT expensive to gear, but need some time.



Starting damage is very nice but get weaker on higher levels, the cast time is the issue that make you suffer on higher levels, at least until you get the third class, gears for magic classes are expensive.



Good Single Target Class at start, but the upper classes are very different one from another, both have the same merchant advantages, such as sell, weight capacity, but mechanic is a physical focused on short or long range, while Genetics are magical based, using int to make high damage with ranged skills, both merchants are a bit expensive to gear and geneticist is a bit more hard to keep.



Supportive class at start, a bit hard to level alone if you don't know how to handle the jobs, While Arch Bishops are more supportive builds, Suras are for Tank and Damage side, both have offensive builds, and both are cheap to gear on supportive (ab) or rank (sura) sides, while the offensive builds are more expensives.



ranged focused builds, nice starting damage, cheap to gear, the upper classes are offensive (ranger) or supportive (performer), while both have a good ranged damage, ranger is sightly stronger, but a performer is more useful as support on parties.



Single target close range physical attack based class, good starting damage, awesome flee, the upper classes have offensive builds, btu shadow chaser is more oppened to ranged attacks, magic, etc. both are expensives (guilhotine cross is more) and the final damage depends of the gear.



Ninja is a great ranged physical or magical class, you can even chose what type of attack you use. They're not much expensive to gear if you want to do basic things, but for more end game you need to invest a bit more to be significant.



This class is specialist on ranged attacks, have a good starting damage, good spamming skills and have a possibility to survive more than a archer, cheap to gear.


Taekwon kid:

This class is under development, and have no third class yet, the level cap is 99, while Star Gladiator is physical based and have a great dps, Soul Linker is Magic based and have good supportive skills, in a close future the expansions will come, improving the skills of these jobs and making them viable for end game content.


Super Novice:

A very versatile job, very low HP pool, hard to gear and play, you need to love this job to play as one, and probably will make another character to farm gears for this one.



The only job of Doram Race, for now... The skill tree is separated with 3 branches, Support, Physical and Magical, this means you can select what type of doram you'll be, this class is not much expensive to gear and have a good damage on the offensive builds.

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nice overview of the classes.

however, to answer the question, rangers or rebels are probably your best starter class. they're cheaper, easier to level, easier to play and make an excellent first class to get gears for future classes you may want to play

both stat about the same

Dex-the god stat. Damage, cast, hit, slight (extremely small) aspd reduction

next stat depends on the build but for starters most likely

Agi- ASPD, Flee, faster=better

Int - need that sp to spam double strafe/arrowstorm/focused strike desperado etc if you're a skill spammer this should go higher before agi but usually agi first then int

Luk- cuz why not, crit damage status resist

Str- gotta  carry them arrows, gears and loots

Vit- you're always be squishy no matter how much you get so just avoid getting hit.


imo, next easiest and most versatile is probably Rune Knight


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Personally I'd suggest more of a supportive role like AB or minstrel since they do not need much gears if you are talking about farming instances with a party.

If you mean for solo farming, ranged classes like ranger, rebel or oboro (2nd class of female ninja) would be cheap to gear.

But seriously though, PICK THE CLASS YOU WANT TO PLAY. Players these days stick to the common classes due to their demand but who cares if you want to play a class you want to anyway? For example:

Rune Knights have Dragon Breath and Ignition Break. Runes can make the skills stronger.

GX have Rolling Cutter. EDP can make this stronger by a far margin.

Genetics have Cart Cannon. Homonculi can tank at a certain rate.

Sorcs have Psychic Wave (enchantable to other elements). Can provide SP, can semi-tank and lure via Ventus Flee (personal favorite class)

Dorams can be substitute to Sura in terms to tanking (although may require some investment).

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Easiest, Cheapest and effective farmers.



Rest are okish but you´ll regret making them your first character in one way or another you´ll put them on hold and switch to ranger/rebel at one point due to how easy is to farm zeny with those 2 classes.



Classes that i´d personally avoid starting with; Ninja/AB/Gen/Wizard.


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