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Character: Vers

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Name: Vers, not Verse.

Gender: Male

Race: Norman

Organization: Crimson, the dearest color to have painted his world

Role: Solicitor


Physical Description:

  • A young man in his 20's
  • Stands 5'11 tall
  • Has wavy, light salmon pink hair with long side fringe covering the right eye
  • Has serene, teal eyes that are sparkling clear--reminiscent of an ocean in the daytime with bright blue skies
  • Dons a black-blue, fitted clothing that emphasizes his slim but muscular physique
  • Wears around his neck a black scarf that slightly covers his exposed shoulders



  • Moderate in his every move, however results usually escalate
  • Generally a relaxed person with a positive outlook on life
  • Remarkably patient when dealing with people, especially inquisitive ones
  • A bit clumsy and impulsive, but makes sure he gets the best of his decisions
  • Will take on any opportunity with enthusiasm


Known Strengths:

  • Naturally persuasive
  • A royal in terms of passion
  • Can latch onto anything exciting and turn it into an asset
  • Available 24/7


Known Weaknesses:

  • May be available 24/7, but sometimes disappears without a trace


Known Properties

  • Sets of swords, daggers and katars for different purposes
  • A wedding ring


Known Acquaintances:

  • Hartley, the love of his life
  • His partners in crime (majority are GXs)
  • His apprentices (again, majority are GXs)



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