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NovaExt - Suggestions Thread

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Please post your suggestions for NovaExt here in BULLET POINT FORMAT.


Be very descriptive if possible.


(Bringing comments from introduction thread to here)



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On 2/9/2018 at 8:07 PM, Tokeiburu said:

I'd like to make a few suggestions... (if Nova agrees)!

  • [Nova agrees] Would it be possible to show the FPS at the top right instead of top left corner? Most people have their character names up there and it's hard to see.  DONE
  • [Nova agrees] Would it also be possible to display a message after using the slash commands, such as (I'd let Nova revise):
    • Displaying frame rate at the top right of your screen [enabled/disabled].
    • Displaying ground AoE skills around you [enabled/disabled].
    • Displaying non-walkable cells in black [enabled/disabled].
    • Displaying mob detection range [enabled/disabled].
    • etc DONE
  • I'm not sure if it's possible to include this one, but the CPU cooling feature was often requested from players...! Although I'm not sure how that would be done since the commands are from the client itself.  DONE
  • There was also a suggestion to add a clock to display when a message was shown, for example:
    • [15:06] [ #main ] Name : text
    • [15:18] ( From Name ) : example DONE
  • Also, is it possible to make some of these commands persist through logging in and logging out? DONE



NovaExt Developer

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On 2/10/2018 at 8:12 PM, Nova said:

Change the capitalization to be 
CPU Cooling Level: 3 


Also, renamed config.ini to NovaExt.ini. Added the ability to customize startup commands as per Tokei's suggestion. DONE



NovaExt Developer

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Looks lovely, that is hands down stellar work! So many functions I hardly know what more I could wish for, only seconding adding the timestamp DONE  and channel separation options if/when possible.

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You, sirs, won the internets!



My suggestions to this awesomeness:

1) Add an option to display the current ping, DONE

2) Add an option to change the range indicators to only show a line at the outer radius of the range cell instead showing a coloured field over the entire cell,

3) Add /crX where X is a number - a custom range indicator, DONE

4) Add an option to display two XP/HR: one, over a specified period of time (f.ex 10 min) and second: since logging in,

5) Add an option to set the CPU cooler to a specific level via a command rather than cycling the value (f.ex /cpu2 or /cpu3) REWORKED AUTOMATICALLY WITH TOGGLE

Edit, 23.02.2018:

6) Display servertime next to FPS

7) Display next event's abbreviation next to servertime,

8) Make the in-game timestamp local system dependent - or just get rid of that weird AM/PM thingy!

Edit, 24.02.2018

9) Please let us control the level of /autocool - as it is now, switching between clients that have autocool takes at least 1 second which isn't the nicest experience - I personally loved the lvl 2 of this feature.

10) Add a /helpext command  - this should list the available ext commands and a short description. DONE

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Would be nice if we could have a different color for shootable dead cells. Would be like a "pseudo graymap" to still give you the tactical advantage without you having to stare at gray tiles the whole day.


In response to a complaint that we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 image(s) from this signature. 


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Minimized Autocool optionDONE
44khz Audio DONE
Key Remapping
Greymap toggle
Devo lines display with /effect off
FPS Capping
Buff duration display?DONE
Individual skill effect toggle?


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