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NovaExt - Suggestions Thread

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They are already in game, finding them is Part of the grind but once you found them you get rewarded by being able to display them! 

This is a separate project of mine for "server enhancements". Not part of NovaExt.

Local and/or server time displayed along the top of the screen somewhere.

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Make NovaExt work with mouse buttons. For example /q1 enables the use of selecting a skill with just right click. Many mice nowadays have more than 3 mouse buttons (excluding wheel up and down) but turbo / smartcast won't apply to those.

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Could we get it so /cull gets stored?
Need to write it each time I change chars/log in. (think it might even disable per map?)

Edit: doesnt seem to work in current beta.

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VFX artist for games during the day, grinding porings at night.

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Can we have an option to disable chat and skills shown above players / monsters or even npcs (can choose which skills you want to see and which you don't)? Could possibly help with fps and reduce the amount of cluttered messages piling up on your screen.

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