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NovaExt - Troubleshooting / Problems


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1) Currently, NovaExt only works with the default clients (2017 or 2018).

If you have changed version and would like to obtain the default client, here is a link:



  • 2018-09-06: Live Client (Recommended for all the latest NovaExt Features)
  • 2017-01-24: Legacy Client



2) Also you need Visual Studio C++ Redistributable  2013 and 2015(x86):





3) Make sure you see NovaExt.asi file in your NovaRO Folder:




4)  You client must be named "NovaRO.exe" (make sure you have "Show File Extensions" enabled in Folder Options)







Turbo Problems?


As of May 20th, a new build of NovaExt was pushed that enabled the old algorithm and new algorithm for turbo.


In the NovaExt.ini you can enable the old algorithm by setting


Changing turbosetup to 0 will utilize the new algorithm. So please test both algorithms. 


NOTE: Exit all clients before changing NovaExt.ini file.


Also go to Setup.exe in your NovaRO folder and disable restriction of mouse to window:







Still Having Problems?


Try these setups if you have problems:


Step #1

Sound mode must be enabled to Use 2D sound in the NovaRO Patcher.


You can mute the volume freely in game. But sound mode must be enable to Use 2D sound for this to work.



Step #2

Do NOT have any compability mode on NovaRO.exe and check Run this program as an administrator.




Step #3 (one time only)

Go to Setup.exe in your NovaRO folder and check off these bottom rows:












If you still have a problem, upload your __NovaExt.log and NovaExt.ini from your NovaRO folder and state your computer specs (Intel/AMD, what graphics card, etc), Operating System, and Anti-virus programs.


NovaExt Developer

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18 hours ago, 1 said:

Giving any value to zbias (even just 1), makes all the color cells from m2e dissapear.

Can't reproduce. Works for me. Post your log and are you using any custom GRFs?

NovaExt Developer

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On 2/24/2018 at 9:58 AM, phaicm said:

I see the problem. I'm reworking how hooks are done to DX7.


Detours library should solve this problem. Next patch you will have a fix. 

something fixed novaext for me today, works 100% now.


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With the most recent update, novaext and roext conflict with each other and if I have roext enabled with or without novaext, any keyboard action makes my fps drop to < 1 fps.


Novaext's autocool function is currently too buggy for me to use. It cannot handle multiple clients with large number of mobs, such as ogh runs. I lag out consistently with /autocool 2 with only 3 clients. Also with autocool turned on, there's a 1s delay when alt-tabbing between clients (not just nova clients, but all OS programs). These are issues that I cannot deal with in real time gameplay and I do not have such issues with roext. Please make novaext compatible with roext until these issues are sorted out.




Novaext with /autocool 2 function. The tabbed nova client doesn't even come up after 5 seconds, which is the most I could record with this gif.

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Please give me your _NovaExt.log file and do not use RoExt with NovaExt. They both ultilize the dinput function which will cause massive delays as you are experiencing. 


I've tested autocool feature with 3 different computers and operating systems and I do not experience your symptoms even with 20 clients on autocooling mode and 1 running active.


Please also state your PC specs, OS, and antivirus(es).

NovaExt Developer

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OS: windows 7 64-bit

Specs: i5-4690K, 16GB ram, GTX 960

AV: Avira free



InitializeSettings startup

Hotkey Count: 0
Attempting to hook: ddraw.dll
724C0000 :DirectDrawCreateEx(724CEBC6)
hook type a

Attempting to hook: DINPUT8.dll
73340000 :DirectInput8Create(7334CC8E)
hook type Detours

DirectX Hooked
InitializeColors startup
Font Texture Succeeded
RO Resolution is 1280 x 960





After using clementia a few times, the inactive window hangs.

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